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[Video] Leveraging the New JSS Events API

Session - Leveraging the New JSS Events API
Matt Anderson, JAMF Software and Ryan Yohnk, JAMF Software
Recorded October 24, 2012

Since its inception, the JSS REST API has been the shining star amongst the other JSS APIs—and for good reason. It lets you acquire and modify aspects of the JSS in a simple and elegant manner. But—as new versions were released—it became apparent that administrators not only wanted to know what was in the JSS, but also when certain events were taking place. To help solve this problem, we introduced another powerful API known as the JSS Events API. With this, you can create custom hooks to monitor events such as policy completions, smart group changes, configuration profile deployments, and much more. Join us to learn how the JSS Events API can help enhance your organization's use of the Casper Suite.

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This video is part of a series of sessions presented at the 2012 JAMF Nation User Conference.

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