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Ways to Avoid Using the Dreaded ‘M’ Word

Mike Harris explained how the Casper Suite has changed his team's relationship with users, so that the dreaded word 'Managed" rarely comes up anymore. 

Managed! What a terrible word for most end users. Mike Harris, Casper Suite Lead at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, talked to the crowd today about how traditional enterprise IT support doesn’t have to be at odds with user experience.

Mike detailed ways his IT team at “the workingman’s college of Melbourne” uses the Casper Suite—and particularly Self Service—to enable staff to install and deploy most apps and software updates on their own, and quickly keep up with all the changes Apple makes. “We put as much maintenance and troubleshooting in Self Service as possible,” he explained, which has resulted in most tickets closing at level 1 or 2, and which means his staff “can spend more time doing cool stuff.”

It’s changed his team’s relationship with users. The dreaded “M” word rarely comes up anymore. Instead—thanks in part to IT’s full transparency on the restrictions they’re enforcing—users look to IT as a valued service provider that helps them simplify connectivity, champion compatibility services, and that gets them the tech they need when they need without waiting or jumping through hoops.

Watch the full video of this session now.

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