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We are Bushel: Brittany #wearebushel

Fun Facts:

  • I was a ballet dancer for 15 years.
  • First video game console was an Atari.
  • I love playing with my Raspberry Pi and making LED lit accessories for fun.
  • I’ve played World of Warcraft on and off since the original Beta. (it’s an addiction)
  • We have a floor to ceiling book case full of Lego sets that are put together at home.
  • I had purple hair for about 7 months in 2014.

Favorite Foods:

  • Sushi
  • Beer
  • Steak (medium rare)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Pizza
  • Almost all seafood

Sad Facts:

  • I bruise really easy. This was found out during a paintball day last summer.
  • I was 20 when I first flew on a plane.

First Computer: The Original Macintosh

Most used Apps on my iPhone:

  • Twitter
  • Alien Blue
  • CARROT Weather
  • Evernote

Favorite part about working here: I get to work with talented people. I learn something new everyday that I come into work!

Favorite internet meme: Probably Doge. How can you not laugh at Doge?!?

Favorite Video Game Character: The Courier or the Lone Wanderer from the Fallout Series. There is nothing better than traveling through a world full of consequences for your own actions. Especially a Post Apocalyptic world.

Spirit Animal: Penguin (I have Penguins on my desk)

Best Vacation: Going to the Bahamas and snorkeling in a reef with sharks. This made me want to start a saltwater tank at home.

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