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Kevin White and Arek Dreyer talk about what's new in Apple deployment at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

What’s New in Apple Deployment

Arek Dreyer, known for the OS X Server Essentials books and Kevin M. White, best known for the OS X Support Essentials books, tag-teamed the topic of the advancements in Apple device deployment. Kevin kicked things off talking about how much time Apple spends on making the out-of-the-box experience delightful for their customers, yet some IT admins do their best to remove that initial interaction of things like Apple Setup Assistant and not allowing them to setup Apple IDs or iCloud backup. Kevin covered the core features of Apple Configurator, stressing the significance of initiating the MDM options of Supervision in order to control a device. Kevin showed how Configurator can bake in your company info so when the Setup Assistant runs that info is pre-populated.

Arek covered the significance of being able to containerize applications and their data via Per-App VPN, a new Enterprise-centric feature of iOS 7. You can manage specific applications to access VPN and even have different applications configured to hit different VPNs for different security needs. He then demoed how to get Comic Sans onto every iPad using Configurator using Supervisor. This of course is a joke about the lack of love for the font Comic Sans. Arek noted that a good use of Comic Sans was biohazard warnings. #classicarek. He demonstrated the step including creating a Comic Sans Profile in the JSS and pushing it to an iPad to assure it was visible in Keynote, showcasing the configuration of iPads for your environment is becoming a viable option for your iOS rollouts.

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