Jamf Now Affiliate Program.

Share. Earn. Enjoy.

Show customers what is possible with Apple in business.

As an Apple consultant or partner, you play a big role in helping small businesses succeed with Apple devices. So, let’s join forces and make great things happen together!

Provide opportunities. Receive rewards.

The ultimate win-win.

As a Jamf Now Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn referral commissions – our way to thank you for helping others climb the ladder to success. Simply introduce new prospects to Jamf Now, the intuitive mobile device management (MDM) solution you know they need, watch them benefit from its extensive capabilities and enjoy the financial reward for doing the right thing. You can’t lose, and your referrals will thank you.

Attract new customers

When you sign up to be a Jamf Now Affiliate, we’ll send you a link to the product. Share it with everyone – through ads, social media or any of the other awesome ways you know people get their information. Your method doesn’t matter to us, but it will matter to them. So spread the word – Jamf Now rocks!

They enroll devices

Every Jamf Now customer gets to enroll three devices for free. Yes, free. Pretty great, right? As soon as they enroll their fourth device, you start earning. The more devices they enroll, the more money you make.

Share the profits

For each paying Jamf Now customer you refer, you earn a percentage of their monthly bill. No tricks. No gimmicks. (We don’t roll that way.) They pay, and you earn. It’s that awesome and that easy.

Become a Jamf Now Affiliate.

Through the Jamf Now Affiliate Program, The Foundation, a long-time Apple Consultant, is proud to offer their clients a simplified MDM that works. Earning a little extra cash for doing so isn’t bad either! See how you can mirror their success.

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