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The JSS API allows for unification and extensibility between the JSS and other systems running in your environment. The JSS API is based on the REST standards framework, providing an intuitive and secure method to interacting with objects in the JSS.

Interactive documentation on the JSS API can be found within your JSS.

JSS Events API

The JSS Events API allows the ability to create custom code that can interface with the JSS. It will notify you when events occur and allow you to take actions on those events.

Read more information on the JSS Events API

Jamf Pro SDK

The Jamf Pro SDK provides example source code in many common programming languages to help you get started with the JSS API.

Learn more and download the Jamf Pro SDK in the Jamf Nation community.

AppConfig Community founding member

Managed App Configuration

Jamf Pro fully supports Apple's Managed App Configuration protocol, which enables IT administrators to specify settings for apps as they are deployed.

Jamf is a founding member of, a community created to encourage adoption of Managed App Configuration.

Visit the dev center for more.