The Jamf Certificate SDK

Discover how to leverage the Jamf Certificate SDK resources and example applications to develop custom apps.

Beginning in Jamf Pro 10.6.0, you can now build and distribute iOS apps that utilize Jamf Pro as a proxy for certificate distribution to devices.

When the Jamf Certificate SDK is integrated with your iOS app it provides a secure process that allows your apps to request certificates from a certificate authority (CA) via Jamf Pro. Certificates can be used as a form of authentication, such as with Single Sign-On, for services in your environment. This SDK will allow your app to leverage these certificates and securely interact with other services.

The Jamf Certificate SDK requests the full certificate and private key as a .p12 bundle from the Jamf Pro server and enables your app to use it.

Managed App Configuration must be applied to the app when distributing the app to devices, which must be distributed using Jamf Pro. The information distributed via Managed App Configuration is needed by the app to create a certificate signing request (CSR) which is submitted to the CA server. It also contains information for the app to authenticate to the server (an app enrollment invitation and a URL). After authentication is complete, the app requests a certificate from Jamf Pro.


  • The SDK is designed for iOS app developers and requires a basic understanding of Managed App Configuration.
  • The SDK requires that Jamf Pro be configured for use with ADCS as the PKI Provider.
  • The Jamf Certificate SDK requires that Jamf Pro be configured with Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) as the PKI Provider.

What's in This SDK

  • A library and code samples.
  • Instructions for integrating the Jamf Certificate SDK with your app.
  • A Jamf Certificate SDK Sample App for testing purposes, along with usage instructions.

Reference Resources

  • Managed App Configuration Documentation
  • Instructions for Integrating Jamf Pro with an External CA (ADCS Required)

Requesting Access

The Jamf Certificate SDK requires completion of an SDK License Agreement. Please email for more information.