Retail IT solutions for your evolving business.

Deliver a better buying experience and put more coin in your pocket.

Be at the forefront of the retail revolution with Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs in business.

As a retailer, you know the value of great customer service, efficient operations and instant communication.

Mobile technology offers you the chance to transform your business — unifying online and offline sales channels, coordinating with staff and suppliers, and bringing insight to each customer interaction.

Now, the only challenge is managing the mobile devices, apps and configurations that make it all work.

This is where Jamf can help.

Reach more customers with streamlined interactions.

With Jamf, you can deploy devices quickly with zero-touch enrollment and wirelessly tailor them for specific retail tasks, such as locking the point-of-sale terminal to one app or restricting unnecessary features on employee devices. Whether you’re managing a single retail location, a collection of stores or a distributed sales staff, Jamf helps the retail dream become reality with two solutions.

If your environment calls for enterprise level features and functions, Jamf Pro is for you.

Zero-touch deployment

Integrate with Apple deployment programs to deploy multiple devices across geographic locations with settings that are pre-configured for the individual environment.

Employee personalization

Employees use their ID number to sign into their iPad and authenticate, gaining access to only the apps and permissions they need. At the close of the shift, the device is locked and reset for the next individual.

App management and configuration

Remotely distribute pre-configured apps and apply updates automatically without human interaction, so your employees can focus on sales, not IT troubleshooting. Put devices in Single App Mode for POS.


Dynamic inventory capabilities allow you to automatically collect user, hardware, software and security status. Customize inventory specifications and export reports for a simplified inventory view.

Device restrictions

Place restrictions on devices to ensure they are used for their intended purpose. Lock iPads into a ‘kiosk mode’ or remove unnecessary apps from devices to streamline operations.


Ensure devices enforce a strong passcode and turn on encryption. If a device is lost in the field, send a Lost Mode command and customize a lock screen message to disable it from use and determine location.

If the basics are exactly what you need, start managing Apple devices today with Jamf Now


Configure settings like Wi-Fi and email on all your devices quickly and consistently or put devices in Single App Mode for POS or kiosk use to supplement or fulfill your sales transactions.


Centrally deploy and update apps over the air Reassign licenses as your workforce changes.


Automatically collect hardware, software and security configuration details from your Apple devices in store or at the corporate office.


Secure your sensitive data, enforce passcodes and remotely Lock and Wipe devices.

Incorporating Jamf has been life-changing – revolutionary for us – in terms of our app update process. We can now do everything remotely.
Monica Ceragioli Business operations principal at Via

See how our leading Apple management solutions will help you extend the legendary Apple experience to your retail organization.

If your environment calls for enterprise-level features and functionality, Jamf Pro is for you.

If the basics are exactly what you need, start managing your devices today with Jamf Now.