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Tarifs Jamf pour les établissements scolaires.

Si vous souhaitez connaître les tarifs réservés aux entreprises, accédez aux tarifs pour les entreprises.

Quelle que soit la taille ou la complexité de votre environnement, nous avons la solution de gestion des appareils Apple qui vous correspond.

Jamf School
  Price/year iOS iPadOS macOS tvOS
Standard $5.50 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plus $9.00 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Plus includes Enhanced Jamf Support.

  • Out-of-the-box ready to be up and running quickly.
  • No dedicated tech resources required.
  • Pre-made management templates.
  • Also available at $17.50 for the lifetime of a device.
Jamf Pro
Price/year iOS iPadOS macOS tvOS
$9.00 Yes Yes No Yes
$18.00 No No Yes No

Both prices include Jamf Standard Support.

  • Ideal for IT professionals managing multiple schools or a district.
  • Powerful workflows for deployments of any size.
  • Differentiated Mac management functionality.
  • Full customization.

Approvisionnement des utilisateurs en toute transparence

Jamf Connect

Create one Mac account.
Sign in once.

  • Bundle includes NoMAD Pro, NoMAD Login+ and PKINIT.
  • Can be purchased independent of Jamf Pro and Jamf School.
  • Provides the best Apple provisioning and authentication experience when paired with Jamf MDM.
  • Jamf Connect education pricing is only valid for Jamf Pro, Jamf School, ZuluDesk or Jamf Now customers.