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Sharing APFS-formatted Volumes

Starting with macOS 10.13, Apple has deprecated the ability to share Apple File System (APFS)-formatted volumes using Apple Filing Protocol (AFP).

Components Installed on Mobile Devices

This article lists the components that are installed on mobile devices during enrollment.

Integrating with Graylog

This article describes how to integrate an on-premise Jamf Pro server instance with Graylog, a log management solution.

Employing External Instances of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis on the Jamf Pro Server v9.98 or Later

This article explains how to use an external instance of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis for on-premise instances of the Jamf Pro server v9.98 or later.

Working with Apple’s macOS Security Features in Jamf Pro

This article explains how to work with the following macOS security features in Jamf Pro (formerly the Casper Suite): Gatekeeper, System Integrity Protection and XProtect Definitions Version.

On-Prem Jamf Customers Upgrading to v9.98

If you have run v8.0 or v8.1 of Jamf Pro, read this article before upgrading to v9.98.

Changes in User-Initiated Enrollment with Untrusted Certificate Authority (CA) Signed SSL Certificates in iOS 10.3 and Later

Apple has enabled an important security enhancement beginning with iOS 10.3. This security enhancement requires untrusted root certificates installed manually on unsupervised iOS devices to be manually trusted in Certificate Trust Settings during user-initiated enrollment, or installation of the MDM profile will fail. Other forms of enrollment, such as DEP, are unaffected.

Manually Upgrading the JSS on Windows

This article explains how to use the ROOT.war file to upgrade the JSS on Windows.

Secure Scripts

This article explains how to ensure the security of the scripts deployed with Jamf Pro.

Issuing Symantec Certificates to Computers and Mobile Devices in the JSS

This article explains how to issue Symantec certificates to computers and mobile devices in the JSS using the Symantec Managed PKI service.