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Jamf Cloud : informations sur les régions d’hébergement de données

Cet article répertorie les régions d’hébergement de données utilisées par Jamf Cloud et vous indique comment identifier la région de votre instance Jamf Cloud.

Informationen zur „Hosted Data Region“ von Jamf Cloud

In diesem Artikel werden die „Hosted Data Regions“ beschrieben, die von Jamf Cloud genutzt werden. Ferner wird beschrieben, wie die Hosted Data Region Ihrer Jamf Cloud Instanz ermittelt wird.

VoiceOver Gestures in Jamf Self Service for iOS

This article describes the VoiceOver gestures supported in Jamf Self Service for iOS 10.5.0 and later.

Creating the Jamf Pro Database

This article explains how to create the database required by Jamf Pro to store its data and create credentials for a user to have full access to that database.

モバイルデバイストラストのための Okta と Jamf Pro の構成

本資料では、Okta で Jamf Pro 用モバイルデバイストラスト機能を有効にするプロセスについて説明し、Jamf Pro で Okta モバイルのマネージド App 設定を構成します。

Configuring Okta and Jamf Pro for Mobile Device Trust

This article explains the processes used to enable Mobile Device Trust in Okta for Jamf Pro, and configure managed app settings in Jamf Pro for Okta Mobile.

Knowledge Base Video: Adding iOS Devices to DEP with Apple Configurator 2.5

In this Knowledge Base Video we'll walk through the process for adding iOS devices to DEP with Apple Configurator 2.5

Enabling Java Management Extensions (JMX) for Jamf Pro

This article describes the process used to set up Java Management Extensions (JMX) in on-premise Jamf Pro environments.

Java Management Extensions (JMX) Glossary for Jamf Pro

This article is a reference for configuring Java Management Extensions (JMX) in your on-premise Jamf Pro environment.

Knowledge Base Video: Complying with GDPR Requests in Jamf Pro

In this Knowledge Base Video, we'll walk through the process for complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requests in Jamf Pro