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Migrating to Another Server


This article explains how to migrate the Jamf Pro server from one platform to another. For example, you can migrate the Jamf Pro server from a Windows server to an Ubuntu server.

Note: This workflow may vary depending on your migration needs. Depending on your source and target environments, you may need to perform additional steps not covered in this article. It is important that Jamf Pro is migrated correctly to avoid issues with MDM communication. If you need assistance, please contact Jamf Professional Services or Jamf Support.

Versions Affected

Jamf Pro 8.2 or later


  • Access to the Jamf Pro server
  • Access to the server to which you are migrating the Jamf Pro server This server must meet the Jamf Pro Installer requirements. For installer requirements, see the Jamf Pro installation and configuration guide for your platform.
  • Jamf Pro Server Tools or the Jamf Pro database utility
  • The Jamf Pro Installer for the appropriate platform


For detailed instructions on this procedure, see the steps in your product documentation.

  1. Back up the existing jamfsoftware database using one of the following methods:
  2. Ensure that the new server meets the requirements for the Jamf Pro Installer.
  3. Copy the Jamf Pro Installer to the new server.
  4. Install Jamf Pro by launching the installer and following the onscreen instructions.
  5. Create the Jamf Pro database by following the instructions in the Creating the Jamf Pro Database Knowledge Base article.
  6. Copy the database backup to the new server, and then use the Jamf Pro database utility to restore the backup. For instructions, see the Restoring Database Backups Using the Jamf Pro Database Utility Knowledge Base article.
  7. Regenerate the web server certificate.
  8. Update the DNS entry to point to the new server's IP address.

Note: If you can't change the DNS entry, you must change the Jamf Pro URL and re-enroll all mobile devices and computers.

Additional Information

If you plan on moving your distribution point, Software Update server, or NetBoot server, make sure to update the DNS name of the server in Jamf Pro. For instructions on how to edit your distribution point, Software Update Server, or NetBoot Server information, see the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide.

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SOLVED Posted: by adroitboy


Note: If you can't change the DNS entry, you must change the JSS URL and re-enroll all mobile devices and computers.

Is there a FAQ on the JSS URL name change?
Is a DNS CNAME considered a good practice?

When our JSS was setup, it was setup using a server's hostname ( That server is scheduled to be retired from it's JSS role, but still remain active for other purposes, hence the need to change the JSS URL. Is a CNAME considered good practice? I would assume to and this is what I have done with most services in the past.

If someone had worked out a slick way of changing the JSS URL, that would be nice. Assuming just policy to install a quickadd package?


SOLVED Posted: by MikeV-Holden

If I am switching from an older Mac Mini to a new one and retiring the old Mini as a server, could I make the move using a Time Machine backup and restore during the initial setup of the new Mini?

SOLVED Posted: by lsivier

MikeV did you end up trying that? I'm looking to do the same thing and trying to minimize work/downtime.


SOLVED Posted: by MikeV-Holden

While not the recommended method, it did work. I was very careful to make sure that the old Mini was assigned a new IP before migrating anything over to the new Mini.

SOLVED Posted: by mmacpherson

Anyone have more info on updating the DNS entry point to a new server's IP? We have an old xserve and want to transfer everything to a mac mini running mavericks.

SOLVED Posted: by jgrubbs

I am also looking for more information on the migration. We do not want to re-enroll. Has anyone had success following these instructions for a migration?

SOLVED Posted: by jmccoy


Is it possible to migrate from a Mac OS based JAMF installation to a Windows OS?

SOLVED Posted: by t8miller54

Looking to migrate our JSS server from an Ubuntu to a Windows server. Will the above procedure work?

SOLVED Posted: by tguyers360

I have the same question as t8miller54 we are looking at migrating from an Ubuntu to a Windows server and want to avoid needing to re-enroll clients

SOLVED Posted: by MAltman

t8miller54 and tguyers360, we are looking to do the opposite and migrate from Windows to Ubuntu. Are there any specific reasons that you are moving to Windows?

SOLVED Posted: by farverk

We are currently working on migrating from an OSX server over to a Windows server. I reached out and here is what I was provided:

If they were enrolled via DEP and or also have the MDM profile marked as "not removable", you will need to restore the device and re-enrolled via DEP to the new server. If the devices were enrolled with a "quick add" package, you can enroll then into the NEW server by packaging a quickadd from the new server and deploying it with the OLD server. This will all need to be done after the DB has been restored and the APNS cert has been created with a NEW one. So, in essence, during this process, a quickadd will get installed that was created with the new server (this has the NEW APNS info in it). As that gets installed from the OLD server, we are simply giving the URL, CA certificate for trust and MDM profile for the new server and it will start checking in there.
SOLVED Posted: by ostrowsp

This documentation needs to be updated an expanded. We need more info on how to get jamf clients to talk to a new server with a new name. Is building a new quickadd pkg on the new server and pushing it out with the old server a proper way to do this (its sounds good) Also what to do with certs when you have a new name (does the new quickadd pkg solve this). Is there any thing special we need to do with APNS on the new server?

With Is there any issue with VPP and Mac app store/iOS app store apps and 2 servers being up at the same time?

SOLVED Posted: by ChrisM100

+1 for updating this. We're about to migrate from a Linux box running 9.97 to a Windows 2016 Server. I guess the best way will be to upgrade the Linux box to the latest JAMF pro and do the db conversion / changes first.... fun.