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Troubleshooting an APNs Feedback Error in a Mobile Device's Management History


The following error appears in a mobile device's management history in inventory:
"The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs server"

Products Affected

Casper Suite v8.5 or later


Starting with v8.5 of the Casper Suite, the JAMF Software Server (JSS) receives feedback from the APNs server when there is a problem sending a push notification to a device. This error may appear if the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) server communicates with the device and receives an error back.


Verify that the MDM profile is still installed on the mobile device.

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SOLVED Posted: by djr255

I have verified that MDM is installed and the error still persists.

The problem went away when 1 reinstalled MDM on one device. Does that mean I need to reenroll all my devices?

SOLVED Posted: by Ktrojano

I started having the problem today on several iPads. I verified that the MDM profile was still installed on the iPads. I then reinstalled the profile which fixed the problem. Is this the fix for this problem?

SOLVED Posted: by genes

Just ran into this issue myself. Does anybody know if there is a fix?


SOLVED Posted: by Sonic84

I just bumped into this issue with JSS 8.64 with Mac OS X Clients. any fix?

SOLVED Posted: by nsdjoe

I just started seeing this on a few of my iPads. The MDM profile hasn't been removed on any of them. I'm running JSS 8.7.

Does anyone have any other troubleshooting tips? I just sent a message to JAMF support and hope to hear back soon.

SOLVED Posted: by sparedes

Did anyone get any info on this? If I enroll OTA everything looks ok, but if I download both certificates and then install them via apple configurator, then it gives me that error (when I check the status from the server).

SOLVED Posted: by dbeaty

Same problem here. Any help on this JAMF?

SOLVED Posted: by lionelgruenberg

I'm seeing this with \~ 10 Apple TVs (iOS 7.1 11D169b) enrolled in my 9.24 JSS \- devices stopped updating inventory 4 days ago with this error message. Renewing my Apple Push Notification Certificate didn't resolve this issue. Anyone else having this problem?

SOLVED Posted: by jkphs

Had to reconfigure 12 Apple TVs out of 37 we are using on campus. They were working fine and updating inventory all throughout the year and just stopped communicating with the JSS entirely on random dates throughout April, beginning on the 10th. No idea why. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

SOLVED Posted: by jbmiller

I also have seen the issue @jkphs][/url mentioned in his post. It has only occurred on one of our apple tvs so far thankfully. Incase any one else is trying to troubleshoot the issue it occurred on an apple tv running 7.1 and repeated attempts at forcing an inventory check in on the device returned the following error message: The JSS has received a feedback error from the APNs Server. The apple tv appeared to have no network connection issues. Also just to as a double check to make sure nothing else was happining with my jss' connectection to the APNs, I forced an inventory check in on another apple tv and was able to successfully inventory it with in a matter of a few seconds. As with the previous poster's time frame of early april, the apple tv stopped communicating on april 7th. I am currently running 9.3 fyi.

SOLVED Posted: by jbmiller

I just discovered a second unresponsive apple tv. As with the other one this one is running 7.1 Not sure if that is something could be the source of the issue or not. @jkphs what version of iOS were the apple tvs that you had issues with running?

SOLVED Posted: by dpenny

We have been experiencing this issue for the past several months. We were told to re-enroll the Apple TVs that were reporting this error. We re-enrolled several of them and the JSS was updating their inventory correctly. Now, one of the Apple TVs that we re-enrolled less than a month ago has started reporting this same error. Out of 89 Apple TVs that are enrolled, 59 of them can not communicate with the JSS. We are experiencing the issue with 7.1.1, 7.1.2, and 8.0 on the Apple TVs.

We have over a thousand iPads enrolled and they are communicating with the JSS fine. Only our Apple TVs are having this problem.

SOLVED Posted: by jlhuillier

I have the same issue with a few iPads. Has there been any resolution?

SOLVED Posted: by smith.kyle

FWIW, I ran into this with an iPad today. Took an icloud backup, reset all content & settings, then restored from icloud backup and it works just fine now.

SOLVED Posted: by acaveny

Ran into this today on some iPads in Single App mode as kiosks. The power button is disabled as part of the profile, so I had to use iTunes to do a restore. The iPads haven't been updated in over a year and were on 8.1.3, so they may have had something to do with it.

SOLVED Posted: by msoileau

Having the same issue with all my iPads after issuing a command. Any fix for this? I would hate to have to re-enroll all the iPads again everytime.

SOLVED Posted: by bradtchapman

I had this issue on a Mac recently, but it turned out that the MDM profile on the device was set to the wrong JSS. The push notifications were going through, but they were rejected by the target Mac.

SOLVED Posted: by jniemi

We are having this issue with A LOT of our iPads in district. This is also coinciding with other errors that we are having: "The app ____ is already scheduled for management"
Is anyone else having this issue?

SOLVED Posted: by cdenesha

Hi @jniemi,

We are seeing both issues as well. We are hosted and recently upgraded to 9.101 (10/6/2017). It isn't an iOS 11 issue as we have it blocked.

SOLVED Posted: by mheflin

We're having issue trying to push our in-house mobile apps, anyone know it's root cause & solution?


SOLVED Posted: by mpenrod

Wow, still a problem after 6 years?! Doing it on a handful of iPads. So far the only fix for one was a wipe and re-enroll. Huge waste of time.