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Verifying that a Package is Signed

When Apple’s Gatekeeper feature is set to only allow applications downloaded from the Mac App Store and identified developers, users can only install signed packages.

To verify that a package is signed, execute the following command on a computer with the package:

pkgutil --check-signature /path/to/package.pkg

If the output is "Status: signed by a certificate trusted by Mac OS X", the package is signed. If the output is "Status: no signature", the package is not signed.

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SOLVED Posted: by Sonuw

Hi Erin,
Thanks for the post of this article. Just to inform you that there is typo in the above given terminal command...
pkgtutil --check-signature /path/to/package.pkg
right terminal command is pkgutil --check-signature /path/to/package.pkg

SOLVED Posted: by erin.miska

Hi Sonu,

Good catch. This is fixed.

Thanks for letting us know!


SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo



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