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Migrating Packages and Scripts

If you have upgraded from the Casper Suite v8.x and you want to utilize the cloud distribution point or the script editor in the JSS, you must first migrate all the scripts and packages on your master distribution point. This migrates all scripts to the jamfsoftware database, and compresses all non-flat PKGs as ZIP files.

Casper Admin cannot migrate files that include any of the following unsupported characters in their filenames:

/ : ? < > \ * | ” [ ] @ ! % ^ #

After the migration, newly added scripts are stored in the jamfsoftware database, and any newly added non-flat PKGs are compressed.

There are also a few new limitations after the migration:

  • Files that include unsupported characters (/ : ? < > \ * | ” [ ] @ ! % ^ #) in their filenames cannot be added to Casper Admin.
  • You must use the script editor in the JSS to make changes to the contents of scripts.
  • You are no longer able to use compiled scripts.
  • You are no longer able to deploy non-flat PKGs using Casper Imaging v8.5 or earlier, or Casper Remote v8.x.

To migrate packages and scripts, open Casper Admin and click Migrate in the toolbar.

Note: The Migrate button is only displayed if you have upgraded from the Casper Suite v8.x and are using Casper Admin v9.0 or later.
The time it takes to migrate depends on the amount of data being migrated. After the migration is complete, it is recommended that you replicate files to your non-master distribution points.

Additional Information

For instructions on converting compiled AppleScripts (.scpt) to non-compiled AppleScripts (.applescript), see Converting AppleScripts from .scpt to .applescript

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SOLVED Posted: by denmoff

What needs to be done if you are just moving from an AFP distribution point to a JDS? I was never on version 8.x, just v9.

SOLVED Posted: by seanhansell

Nothing. If you started with version 9, your packages are already converted.

SOLVED Posted: by ernstcs

So a question regarding this statement in the original article text.

"After the migration, newly added scripts are stored in the jamfsoftware database, and any newly added non-flat PKGs are compressed."

I'm running 9.32 and I migrated our Windows SMB share so that we could move to a JDS. We ran into issues with getting the JDS to work (pesky certificates) that I haven't had a moment to rectify, so we are still using our existing SMB share.

New PKG files added to this share are not getting compressed. The migrate option no longer appears for me to rerun it to batch compress items. What's up? Does the quoted text refer to anything you start to upload to the new JDS will do this automatically now and not Windows SMB shares?

Wonder if I can just zip the files myself and Casper Admin will accept them...

SOLVED Posted: by Kumarasinghe

I can see the already migrated scripts in "Scripts" folder of our CasperShare distribution point.
Is it safe to delete those as all the scripts are now in the database?

Update :
We have deleted the old scripts left in the /Scripts folder and all working fine as all scripts are now in the database.
Warning!! \- DO NOT delete them form Casper Admin but delete only from the /Scripts folder of your Distribution Point.


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