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JSS Keyboard Shortcuts

The JSS v9.0 or later allows you to use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
N New (from a list view)
E Edit
B Done or Back
L Logs
Control-C Cancel
Control-D Delete
Control-S Save
Control-1 Go to JSS Dashboard
Control-2 Go to Computers tab
Control-3 Go to Mobile Devices tab
Control-4 Go to Users tab
Control-5 Go to System Settings

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Posted: 11/6/13 at 8:12 PM by Sterritt

I'm all for shortcuts but try to bear in mind cross platforms and standards. ZXCV are going to be universally used with only a variance of modifier key on many platforms... Why not map to the more standard <esc> for Cancel instead? Or present a way for us to mod the JSS to choose our own keys?

Posted: 11/7/13 at 8:02 AM by dwandro92

I agree with @Sterritt, user-defined shortcuts would be much more efficient for administrators who use Windows to view and modify their JSS setups.

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Posted: 4/9/14 at 9:45 AM by jedfrye

This is life changing... It's the little things.

Posted: 7/23/14 at 12:55 PM by cdenesha

since these don't work on my mac running safari 7.0.5, JSS 9.25.. are there any shortcuts besides pressing [enter] to save my changes?

Although Control 1-3 works, IF I lift the Control key and press it down again with the number.


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Posted: 11/21/14 at 2:46 PM by jhuls

Just be careful with what browser is used because interesting enough while in a jumpstart yesterday for iOS we witnessed where typing in a text field that the letter B would cause the browser to jump back. This was in Internet Explorer. I didn't get the version but it's believed that it was version 9...possibly 8.

I don't know if any other shortcuts are affected like this but it's kind of scary to think that something could accidentally happen that shouldn't from a browser compatibility issue. At least the jamf guy who was remote viewing could see it so they don't think I'm too crazy. lol

Posted: 6/24/15 at 7:56 AM by CasperSally

CTRL D in Chrome adds bookmark

Posted: 6/24/15 at 8:16 AM by jpilege

I don't know if this is the same for other admins on a Windows machine in the JSS, but my ALT is the key instead of CTRL. I tested both in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Safari on a Mac works as the post describes. Other than that it works like a charm. I do love keyboard shortcuts. Wish Apple would incorporate more with the keyboard like Microsoft has.

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Posted: 7/10/15 at 5:13 PM by tomt

I would love a shortcut to get to the Filter field.

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Posted: 12/15/15 at 1:30 PM by RadZombie

Can this get updated? I think there may be some that are missing, e.g. Control-4 goes to Users. I'm sure there must be other helpful shortcuts, but they're just not in the article!

Also, it would be nice if there was an overlay menu to see the keyboard shortcuts while in the JSS. Similar to what happens when you press ? while in Gmail. That would be rad-tactic!

Posted: 3/20/16 at 7:14 AM by Lucasw

I agree with this, key shortcuts are very useful.

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Posted: 3/13/17 at 1:12 PM by JayD

Super life saver. Im currently in my CCT class doing training for my cert now. Freaking awesomeness