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Automating the Imaging Process


You can fully automate the imaging process to run on a schedule.


  1. Create Autorun data for each computer you want to image, making sure that the Autorun data is configured to start the imaging process automatically.
  2. Create a minimal base OS image, making sure that the image is configured to open Casper Imaging automatically. For instructions, see Creating a Minimal Base OS Image. This image will function as the NetBoot image that's referred to in the next step.
  3. Create the NetBoot image and set up a NetBoot server. For instructions, see Creating a NetBoot Image and Setting Up a NetBoot Server.
  4. Add the NetBoot server to the JSS.
  5. Create a policy that boots target computers to the NetBoot server. Note: If you are booting a macOS 10.11 computer to a NetBoot image, the computer must first trust the NetBoot server. For more information, see the Booting a macOS 10.11 or Later Computer to a NetBoot Image Using a Policy or Casper Remote Knowledge Base article.

Additional Information

For more information on creating Autorun data, adding a NetBoot server to the JSS, and creating a policy to boot computers to a NetBoot image, see the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide.

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SOLVED Posted: by sunil.reddy

Suppose if we are imaging ten machines one after the other. Do we have an option to avoid adding configurations every time we connect a mac???? I mean do we have an option to initiate image deployment automatically via Casper imaging as soon as we connect a new mac machine? I think auto run data stores configuration on jss for one machine to save time.

SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

@reddy Autorun Imaging should help with that.

SOLVED Posted: by stevewood

@reddy actually, what @bentoms really meant was that PreStage Imaging is what you are looking for. PreStage is for new machines (or machines not in the JSS) and AutoRun is for re-imaging machines.