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App Configuration Settings for Casper Focus

Disclaimer: This article is no longer being updated. The Casper Focus app has been deprecated. Jamf recommends using Apple Classroom for the best iOS classroom management experience. For considerations when moving from Casper Focus to Apple Classroom, see Moving from Casper Focus to the Apple Classroom App.


This article explains the Casper Focus settings that can be automated using App Configuration in the JSS.

Versions Affected

Casper Focus v9.1 or later


To use App Configuration in the JSS for Casper Focus, you need:

  • Teacher devices with iOS 7 or later
  • Casper Suite v9.1 or later
  • Casper Focus v9.1 or later Casper Focus must be deployed as a managed app by the JSS.

Available App Configuration Settings for Casper Focus

The following table lists key/string combinations that can be used within configuration dictionary tags to automate Casper Focus settings through App Configuration in the JSS. See the procedure below for information about how to use these key/string combinations to set App Configuration for Casper Focus.

Key String Description
JSS_URL Specify the URL to the JSS. For example:
This setting allows Casper Focus to connect to the JSS automatically. With this setting preconfigured, teachers can log in and use Casper Focus without having to manually configure this setting.
Important: Be sure to include a trailing slash when specifying a JSS URL that does not use the 8443 port number. For example:
JSS_ID $JSSID This setting allows the JSS ID of the teacher’s mobile device to be excluded from Casper Focus commands when the device is defined as part of the class being managed. This prevents the teacher from being locked out of the Casper Focus app.


To use App Configuration for Casper Focus:

  1. Log in to the JSS with a web browser.
  2. Click Mobile Devices at the top of the page.
  3. Click Apps.
  4. If you have not deployed Casper Focus to devices yet, do the following:? a. Click New (+). b. Select App Store app and click Next. c. Add Casper Focus from the App Store catalog. d. On the General tab, select Manage app when possible and configure any additional settings.
  5. If you have already deployed Casper Focus to devices, ensure that the app is deployed as a managed app by the JSS.
  6. On the App Configuration tab, specify each key/string combination for your desired settings within configuration dictionary tags in the Preferences field as shown in the example below. <dict> <key>JSS_URL</key> <string></string> <key>JSS_ID</key> <string>$JSSID</string> </dict>
  7. Click Save. After the App Configuration is saved, the settings are applied to Casper Focus when deployed via the JSS as a managed app to a teacher's mobile device.

Additional Information

For more information about managed app configuration, see the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.

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