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Creating a Link to Content in Jamf Self Service for iOS


This article explains how to create a link to an app, eBook, or configuration profile in Jamf Self Service for iOS. The link can be sent to mobile devices to notify users that content is available to be installed from Self Service.

Versions Affected

Casper Suite v9.4 or later


Self Service requires mobile devices with iOS 7 or later.


  1. Create the link using the following format: selfserviceios://library?type=APP&id=1 where the type value can be APP, EBOOK, or CONFIG_PROFILE and the id value represents the JSS ID of the content. To determine the JSS ID, navigate to the app, eBook, or configuration profile you are creating a link for. id= is displayed in the URL. (For example,
  2. Include the link in an email, SMS message, or Self Service notification.

Tapping the link on a mobile device displays the specific content in Self Service.

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SOLVED Posted: by BPoindexter

This is great. I plan on using this in my iTunes U courses to streamline accessing resources through Self Service.


I know this is an old thread, but is there a way to add links to self service so when they open the app those links can take em to a website?