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Jamf Push Proxy Communication

Disclaimer: This article is no longer being updated. For current and complete instructions, see Jamf Push Proxy in the Jamf Pro Administrator’s Guide.


The Jamf Push Proxy enables communication between Jamf Pro and devices with Jamf Self Service installed, and between Jamf Pro and personally owned Android devices. Push notifications trigger the following types of communication between Jamf Pro and devices in your environment:
- Sending Notification Center notifications to mobile devices with Jamf Self Service for iOS installed
- Sending Notification Center notifications to computers with Jamf Self Service for macOS installed (Jamf Pro 10.0.0 or later only)
- Requesting management check-ins from personally owned Android devices

The following diagram illustrates the communication between the Jamf Push Proxy and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Jamf Pro, and devices in your environment:

Versions Affected

Casper Suite v9.4 or later


The JSS requires a valid proxy server token to authenticate to the JAMF Push Proxy.
For more information, see the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide.

Additional Information

The following Knowledge Base article describes the ports used to host communication in the JSS:
Network Ports Used by the Casper Suite

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SOLVED Posted: by JayDuff

How often is the Push Proxy Settings certificate supposed to renew itself? Mine expires in a week. I will be out of the country, on vacation, the day it expires. The Renew button seems to have no effect. Never had any problems come up, I just noticed it because it was time to renew the APNS certificate.

SOLVED Posted: by Rosko

@JayDuff The Push Proxy Certificate will auto-renew itself in the JSS each week, so no need to worry. Have a great vacation! :)

SOLVED Posted: by JayDuff

@Rosko - Thanks! Will do! BD

SOLVED Posted: by mthakur

From the text above:

The following diagram illustrates ...

Um.... what diagram?

SOLVED Posted: by mthakur

Wow... the external link to the diagram just showed up. Thanks, @PCalomeni !

SOLVED Posted: by rblaas

I am unable to create the certificate. Get an unknown error (500) when I try to login (step 2)

SOLVED Posted: by jrippy

Is this only needed for Cloud-hosted customers?
What is the use case for the Push Proxy vs standard Push Certs?

SOLVED Posted: by jensm

hi @rblaas ,

how did you solve your problem? i´m getting the same error.
was it a firewall port problem?

SOLVED Posted: by rblaas

@jensm No idea. Sorry.


Im getting the same error message 'An unknown error occurred (500). while configuring the Jamf proxy server token.

We have been facing this issue from the past 2 weeks. How to fix this problem?