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Personal Device Profile Settings Reference

Disclaimer: This article is no longer being updated. For current and complete instructions, see Personal Device Profiles in the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide.


The settings that you can configure using a personal device profile represent a subset of the iOS configuration profile settings available for institutionally owned devices.

Some personal device profile settings are unique to the JSS. This article explains those settings and how they affect personally owned iOS and Android devices.


Versions Affected Platform Payload Setting Description
Casper Suite v9.4 or later Android Security (Android only) Require encryption on Android devices Requires Android devices to be encrypted by the user prior to enrollment. On devices that are already enrolled, a persistent notification is displayed to prompt the user to encrypt the device.

Note: Samsung Mobile SAFE devices offer a Decrypt Device option in the device settings of an encrypted device. If an encrypted device is enrolled with the JSS and later decrypted using this option, the device’s inventory information will continue to display the Data Protection status as Enabled even though the device is no longer encrypted.

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