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Recently Purchased VPP Content is not Displayed in Jamf Pro


Apps and books purchased using Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) sometimes fail to appear immediately in Jamf Pro. This prevents the content from being available to distribute via VPP-managed distribution.

This article explains how to pull content recently purchased from VPP into Jamf Pro if it doesn't appear immediately in Jamf Pro.


Jamf Pro v9.64 and later


  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.
  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click Settings.
  3. Click Global Management.On a smartphone, this option is in the pop-up menu.
  4. Click VPP Accounts.
  5. Click the VPP account that was used to purchase the missing apps or books.
  6. Click the Content tab. A list of content purchased from VPP is displayed.
  7. For every app or book that has a red number in the Total Purchased column, click the Refresh button next to it to update the total purchased content. A red number in the Total Purchased column indicates that content has been purchased but is not yet available in Jamf Pro.
  8. If there is purchased content that is not displayed, click the Update Purchased Content button and follow the onscreen instructions to add that content. When you're done, the missing content is displayed in the list.
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SOLVED Posted: by jillhughes

Thanks for the info, we have had this problem in the past!

SOLVED Posted: by mcarasso

Having this issue currently, hoping this resolves my issue

SOLVED Posted: by noah

Content tab? I'm having this issue but this fix doesn't seem to be relevant to us.

SOLVED Posted: by timlarsen

@noah The Content tab only appears in newer versions of the JSS (I'm not entirely sure which). I'm running the latest JSS in my test environment and the tab is there, but I am running 9.63 in production and the tab is not there.

To change the subject, anyone have any idea as to why NO content would appear? I assume its a firewall-related issue, however I have manually added proxy information to our mysql database per a KB article I found here on JAMF Nation. If it is a FW issue do we think that opening 443 outgoing to would resolve, or does VPP link back to a different IP range? The only info my JSS is pulling is how many apps I've purchased an how many are in use, but not the specific names/cost, etc. Thanks!!

SOLVED Posted: by Look

@timlarsen Did you resolve this? We are still trying to sort the last parts of this out, but the content page is still empty, I can even search for the apps etc... But it never populates.

SOLVED Posted: by timlarsen

@Look I have not, but I also haven't had much time to work on resolving. Still in the same boat as you. I'm also still convinced the issue is related to our firewall....if I get to resolving this I'll be sure to reply again to the thread.

SOLVED Posted: by itsupport

I constantly have to keep refreshing our Apps. We also get some users where content is assigned to them but it is still asking for payment on the app. The only way round this is to refresh the app licenses or Redo the VPP Registration. I know they're logged into the correct apple ID as other paid apps are listed for free. Is it possible to add some sort of daily sync. I guess this is probably an issue at apples end though.

SOLVED Posted: by timlarsen

Just to add...and I'm not sure how relevant this is to the conversation...but I have just confirmed with Apple (and maybe everyone here knew this already) but your organization's VPP token can only be used with one MDM at a time, meaning if you, say, use Casper for managing Macs and something else for managing iOS devices then you cannot setup VPP successfully for both simultaneously. Even if you simply have a test JSS and a production JSS you couldn't use VPP for both a the same time. My point is that Apple says having VPP setup in two places can cause unpredictable results and potentially affect your VPP token setup elsewhere (e.g. on a production server). If anyone else has run into this dilemma and has any ideas/workarounds please share!

BTW DEP has been designed differently than VPP at the start and CAN be setup on multiple MDM's without any issues.

SOLVED Posted: by stkierans

How long should the updating process take?

Our self service is still sitting at 0 (from 1000) after 30 minutes.

SOLVED Posted: by grecopj

I am having the same issue. I've gone through the above steps but the list is still not updating. Seems to stick on updating licenses... in the JSS

SOLVED Posted: by amit.vasani1

Same issue here. Any possible fix for this? Not sure how long this is supposed to take.

SOLVED Posted: by Rhinehart

I "purchased" about 20 free apps yesterday. I did not want to refresh each one individually, so I restarted the server instead and when it came back up all apps were refreshed.

SOLVED Posted: by lammersst

Anyone have an update on this? We just got 5 apps into the JSS but 4 of the 5 are still stuck with no total license. I even restarted the server and nothing.

SOLVED Posted: by cdenesha
sometimes fail to appear immediately in the JSS

The JSS should have a process that keeps this up to date - it should be at least once a day.

I have apps not showing and counts out of date from 2 days ago. Please do not ask for a FR to fix this.

Thank you,


SOLVED Posted: by freddie.cox

I agree with @cdenesha. Apps do not trickle in one-at-a-time from my schools. They often have a team that aggregates app install requests, vets the app and then requests a push install. Which means I receive 5-20 app requests at one time.

Having to go purchase from VPP store and then spend a half hour clicking Update, searching for the app and going through another wizard before I can start the process over again to actually initiate the push is very cumbersome.

If this list could automatically update on some type of schedule it would be a great addition.

SOLVED Posted: by freed2015

Agree with @cdenesha and @freddie.cox - we are brand new to JAMF and the JSS and it's been my one big hangup so far - apps not updating in the JSS. Everything else has gone very smoothly, but it takes incredibly long to refresh each individual app, and as I'm trying to deploy 240 iDevices to grades K-4, I'm trying to load quite a few apps for the initial deploy. When we did the JumpStart, apps showed up almost immediately. This week, not so much.

SOLVED Posted: by CasperSally

@cdenesha @freddie.cox @freed2015 - We're going to be looking into VPP soon. Did anyone put a feature request in on this? I'd like to vote it up if so. Sounds like a pretty big pain point.

SOLVED Posted: by freed2015

@CasperSally I'll be happy to do the feature request...if you'll just tell me how! ;-) Thanks for the response~

SOLVED Posted: by CasperSally

@freed2015 - sure, feature request at top of this page & click add feature request. Then post a link to it here for people to vote up if interested.

SOLVED Posted: by JenT

As of today, my apps are not appearing in the VPP content even after manually adding purchased content. I thought this forced the JSS to search for inventory updates immedately.

SOLVED Posted: by BVikse

My pain with this occurred when we converted all of our unused VPP codes into MDM tokens. Some of those app purchases had been pretty sloppy before I started working here and we had extra codes for purchases as far back as 3 years ago. I had not really looked into what became available (or not) until one of our directors requested access to one of those old previously code based purchases. I went to look for it, found the purchase info on one of the VPP Facilitator's purchasing history "converted to tokens". I went to look for it in the JSS and its not there!?
So here I wait for a $200 app to show up in the JSS. Please give us a more reliable tool to get this working! We have over $1200 worth of licenses that are not in the JSS after converting unused codes to tokens back in July.

SOLVED Posted: by iOSGenius

So we have converted from VPP to MDM and found as well many apps, using 7 VPP accounts to bad apple can't merge them as it it would be easier as i found my previous techs would buy the same app under a different account. So in the JSS it pulls the apps from one account only though you get to choose which it removes it from the problem is if there is alot of devices you will need to calculate which VPP Account has what and how many available to make them

Example Drawing Pad was purchase with 2 VPP accounts of 400 apps

so 1 vpp account has 150 while the other has the remaining but if i have 10 carts of 15 ipads it works out great to use vpp account 1 but if it was over that amount you will need to divide which cart(s) get the remaining apps from the other vpp account.

Dr. Dan
iOS 9.1 - 700+
JSS 9.81.1 Hosted

SOLVED Posted: by gshackney

I still think there needs to be a button to resync all apps tied to a VPP account instead of trying to sync them one by one per app. This is still frustrating and does not resolve the time spent.

Gabe Shackney Princeton Public Schools

SOLVED Posted: by timlings

I agree that it needs to be easier! Meraki (bless 'em) have a button that resyncs all the licence data with Apple.

SOLVED Posted: by JKingsnorth

Having this same issue. Newly purchased content does not add automatically. It will show up if we manually add it but when you have more than a couple apps to add to JSS it gets very time consuming and tedious. When teachers submit app requests they generally come in 5-25 at a time. Then having to purchase in VPP then add to the JSS then add to the Device Groups, change the app settings for push installing. It takes about 5-10 min per app.

Not really sure why Apps aren't automatically added, seems like it would be a no brainer. I also uploaded a new token and that didn't work. I tried waiting 24 hours to see if they'd download but it sat for 3 days and never downloaded any newly purchased content.

SOLVED Posted: by CasperSally

Is this a known defect we can follow? if so, anyone have the defect number?

SOLVED Posted: by RLR

Seems hit and miss. Sometimes purchased apps appear and sometimes they don't. Just purchased paid and free apps to deploy some shared iPads and a lot of the content isn't showing. I'm now having to refresh each app individually which is taking a long time. Is is possible to add a sync all button or have it check-in every few hours?

I can see Meraki has a force API sync option so should be possible to add this to Jamf?

SOLVED Posted: by sebastienleroy

Same problem here. For one day apps were appearing immediately. Now we have to do a content search per app. This is time consuming. Any news on a resync button ?

SOLVED Posted: by peterloobuyck

+1! This is really ennoying! Our clients can't keep on refreshing every app over and over again...

SOLVED Posted: by chrischichester

Super annoying. I have this happen often. Not sure ever what ends up fixing it. I will say that sometimes I will have one app stuck, be able to process several more apps in the meantime with near-instant update to the license. I end up trying a few things, like re-uploading the token, refreshing the app, adding the app to/from an assignment scope. Eventually the app licenses will populate, and I'm not even sure what makes it happen.

SOLVED Posted: by nathanzamprogno

I'm new to Casper and am having identical problems. When we did JumpStart and bought apps through the VPP, they showed up in the JSS/Casper immediately and assumed this was the norm. However, now they don't and I have to manually search and add in Casper to have the purchase.
What I'm confused about is why it used to work and now requires this very much more laborious process to work.

SOLVED Posted: by tmccleary

I'm having the same problem. We have three VPP accounts and converted all of our purchases from redemption codes to managed distribution. Two of the accounts are showing all of the purchases fine, but the third account is only showing a few out of dozens of apps. I've tried adding the apps manually, but it appears that it is a tedious and time consuming process and doesn't seem to work all the time. Since other MDMs are able to resync everything with the click of a button, it seems like JAMF should be able to easily incorporate a similar feature.

SOLVED Posted: by cgraves

Same issue depending on VPP account. Some accounts seem to flow app purchases in quickly. Others don't even if I manually update content in JSS. Difficult to get buy in from staff using this product when it doesn't work consistently.

SOLVED Posted: by CSNavigateurs

We are having the same issue here and after 24 hours the purchase apps are still not showing up on JS even after updating VPP.... also why in VPP Content section the apps are shown in alphabetical order ... I spend ALOT of time sorting through and trying to find the new purchased apps if and when it shows up. The VPP content section does NOT sort by name even clicking on the "Name" title like in other sections that sorts content..


SOLVED Posted: by mlewis

Sorting the VPP section by name would be immensely helpful; it's a bit mindboggling that it doesn't already do that.

I suspect that the delay in licenses showing up might be at least partly on Apple's part. I bought 10 free apps a couple days ago, 1000 licenses each. The confirmation emails for two of the apps took about 12 hours to show up, and the Purchase History on the Apple VPP site just read "1000 generated". After the emails showed up, the Purchase History switched to "Managed Licenses".

SOLVED Posted: by CasperSally

Did anyone have tips or at least a defect number for this issue?

I started testing device based app deployment and am running into this right in the beginning of testing.

Bought 1 free and 1 paid app. 45 minutes later still not listed under Global Management - VPP account.

Did a manual 'update purchased content' and the free one resolved itself, but doing a manual lookup on the paid one isn't working. I can't reboot the server in the middle of the day. Agree there should be a sync all button, but not sure it would work if the manual update purchased content isn't working anyway.

SOLVED Posted: by nathanzamprogno

There is a way of forcing a complete resync of VPP purchases with the JSS. This may be useful if, for example, you've bought a bunch of apps recently through Apple's VPP portal but can't stomach the prospect of going through the multi-stage process listed at the top of this thread to get each and every one of them into JSS. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take a backup of the database by following the kb article:

  2. Log into mysql from the terminal:
    a. /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p if asked for password leave it blank and hit enter
    Then you should be inside mysql
    b. mysql>use jamfsoftware;
    c. mysql>update vpp_admin_accounts set licenses_since_modified_token = "";
    d. mysql>exit;

  3. Restart the mysql and the tomcat from the JSSDatabaseUtil.jar (/Library/JSS/bin)

Commentary: The steps 2a.->2c. can also be acheived if you use an SQL admin utility like Sequel Pro (a must have for Mac sysadmins), and done through the GUI.

I have found that this does indeed work, and forces the complete list of VPP purchases to be re-synced with JSS/ Casper.

A JAMF support person admitted "we are seeing lot of issue with the VPP at the moment with the new technology", meaning they are at least aware of the bug. I can only hope this will be fixed with the new Casper release that will accompany iOS 9.3

JAMF, are you listening?

SOLVED Posted: by jules1987

Hello JamfNation,
We are facing this situation:
We purchased 40 lics of an app in total via our VPP account. The special thing about this purchase is, that it is spilt up into 2 orders of 20 lics each. It is possible to deploy and use the 20 lics of the first stack, but the rest won't deploy. We get "Pending - Application is not available to install" on those devices.

Within the VPP content page we get the info for 40 lics in total, but reported is only displayed with 20. We tried with refreshing the lics, restarting tomcat, and checked all Tokens and Push certs. All seems to be fine. Is there maybe something special about app-orders that are split over 2 or more purchases?

With kind regards,
Julian Niedzwetzki

SOLVED Posted: by jkoenig_BDS

Anyone else STILL seeing this issue years later? The 'Update' button under the 'Content' tab still does nothing...

So far my experience with Jamf is lots of buttons and promises, very little actual functionality...

SOLVED Posted: by listec

I'm having this problem too and like @jkoenig_BDS said... After 2 years with JSS, I too am quite frustrated. It seems to be creating more work than before we started using it.

I am seeing 3 types of VPP app failures...
- apps do not appear
- paid apps appear but do not install with "not available" message
- free apps appear but fail with "please sign in to iTunes"

I have refreshed content, updated the VPP token, flushed the management commands, unscoped/rescoped devices... everything that is suggested in every thread dealing with these errors.

SOLVED Posted: by a-itadmin

I'm having this issue too. I re-uploaded the VPP token from Apple into JamfPro and nothing appears. It's been about two weeks. I am new to Jamf, but it seems like the product is designed to be deliberately difficult to use. The entire UI is non-intuitive and I don't want to have to script things to get management tasks done. For the amount of money that JamfPro costs, it seems like simple things like sorting inventory records within the console or updating information should be done with the click of a button. Maybe I'm doing something wrong because I am new to this product, but in my view, it should have a user-friendly redesign.


Same Issue. Five new apps in VPP but can't get them into Jamf. I followed the procedure in the article but the screen is stuck with message "Updating licenses for Logic Pro X".