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Creating Disk Images from Adobe CS3/CS4 Installation Media

Disclaimer: This article is no longer being updated.


This article explains how to build a disk image (DMG) of an Adobe Installer DVD.

Products Affected



A client running macOS is required to create DMGs from Adobe CS3/CS4.


To create a DMG of an Adobe Installer DVD:

  1. Insert the Adobe installer DVD.
  2. Navigate to the Utilities folder and launch Disk Utility.
  3. Click the DVD icon in the left column.
  4. From the menu bar, choose File > New.
  5. Select New Image From <name of DVD>. Note: When selecting New Image From <name of DVD>, it must be saved as Read Only or Read/Write and not saved as DVD/CD Master. When you create a DMG for Adobe CS3/CS4 for upload into Casper Admin, select the Adobe Installer Source Image and do not select the Master in Disk Utility. The Adobe Installer Source Image must be selected because it contains partition information, where the Master does not.
  6. Save the DMG as a compressed disk image.
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