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Healthcare Listener Communication


The Healthcare Listener is a service that is hosted by the Infrastructure Manager and is available if your environment supports the use of the Healthcare Listener.

This article explains the communication process of an environment with a Healthcare Listener. The following diagram and explanation depict this process.

Note: The Healthcare Listener communicates with the healthcare management system using the port specified in the Healthcare Listener settings in the Jamf Software Server (JSS). (For more information about configuring the Healthcare Listener settings, see Healthcare Listener in the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.)


  1. The Healthcare Listener (hosted by the Infrastructure Manager) receives an ADT message from the healthcare management system.
  2. The Infrastructure Manager hosting the Healthcare Listener checks in with the JSS. When the Infrastructure Manager instance checks in, the JSS checks to see if the Healthcare Listener has received an ADT message.
  3. If the Healthcare Listener has received an ADT message, the JSS automatically sends a remote command to mobile devices that are mapped to the value for bed number in the healthcare management system. (For more information about mapping mobile devices, see “Mobile Device Inventory Field Mapping” in the Installing and Configuring the Healthcare Listener technical paper.) Note: For the JSS to send a remote command to mobile devices, you need a valid push certificate in the JSS. (For more information about creating a push certificate, see Push Certificates in the Casper Suite Administrator’s Guide.)
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