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Components Installed on Mobile Devices


The following components are installed on mobile devices during enrollment:

  • MDM Profile—This profile includes a SCEP enrollment request and an MDM enrollment request.
  • Trust Profile—This profile contains the CA certificate. The CA certificate establishes trust between the certificate authority (CA) and mobile devices. If you enrolled mobile devices using a PreStage enrollment, or using Apple Configurator and an enrollment URL, the Trust Profile is not a separate profile and it is contained within the MDM Profile.
  • Device certificate—This certificate verifies the identity of managed mobile devices each time they communicate with Jamf Pro.
  • Self Service Mobile—Self Service Mobile for iOS allows you to distribute iOS configuration profiles, apps, and eBooks to mobile devices for users to install. Users tap the app to browse and then install items using an interface similar to the App Store. Note: If you have upgraded from the Casper Suite v9.3x or earlier, the Self Service web clip is installed on all managed mobile devices except Apple TV devices by default. You can prevent Self Service Mobile from being installed on mobile devices if necessary. (For more information, see Installing Self Service on Mobile Devices in the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide.) Note: Self Service Mobile for iOS is not installed on Apple TV devices or personally owned devices.
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Very useful! Thanks, Kristen.