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Deploying Jamf Connect


Jamf Connect allows for simple provisioning of users from a cloud identity service during an Apple provisioning workflow. This includes multi-factor authentication.

You can deploy Jamf Connect Sync (formerly NoMAD Pro) and Jamf Connect Login (formerly NoMAD Login+) to target computers in your environment using your preferred MDM solution.


To deploy Jamf Connect, you will need the following components:

  • An MDM solution, such as Jamf Pro or Jamf Now
  • Product downloads for NoMAD Pro and NoMAD Login+Okta. Each downloaded DMG includes a product admin guide and PKG files necessary for distribution and installation.
  • Jamf Connect license key configuration profile (provided by your account manager)
  • PLIST files and editor (provided by your account manager)
  • Target computers with macOS 10.12 or later


  1. Update your Okta domain in the provided PLIST files: a. Open the PropertyListEditor from the provided compressed archive file. b. Right-click on one of the two PLIST files and "Open With" the PropertyListEditor. c. Update "yourdomain" in the Value column to the Okta Domain of your organization. d. (Optional) Add additional preference keys to further customize the experience for your users. For more information, see the admin guides for NoMAD Pro and NoMAD Login+. e. Repeat for the other PLIST file.
  2. Create a new configuration profile in your MDM solution using the "Custom Settings" option. Upload the PLIST files from step 1 and scope the profile to targeted computers.
  3. Upload the provided license key configuration profile to your MDM solution.
  4. Scope the uploaded profile from step 3 to the same computers targeted in step 2.
  5. Upload the PKG files for NoMAD Pro and NoMAD Login+ to your preferred MDM solution.
  6. Create a policy to deploy packages from step 5 and scope the policy to targeted computers.

Additional Information

For more information on deploying Jamf Connect and adding preference keys to customize the experience, see the admin guides for NoMAD Pro and NoMAD Login+ that are included in the product downloads.

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