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Jamf Connect Verify Preference Keys

Disclaimer: This article is no longer being updated. For information about Jamf Connect Verify preference keys, see Configuring Jamf Connect Verify in the Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide..


This article describes the preference keys available in Jamf Connect Verify. Preference keys allow full manipulation of Jamf Connect's features.

You can set preferences through multiple methods:

  • Create a new configuration profile in your MDM solution.
  • Install a configuration profile locally.
  • Set manually with the defaults command.

Jamf Connect Verify preference keys are written to the following preference domain:


Preference Keys

Active Directory Settings

Key Description
CustomAttributes Custom attributes to query
ADCustomAttributeResultsThe results of the custom query
ADDomain The Active Directory domain
ADHomeAppendDomain Append Active Directory domain to the home share
DisplayName Display name of the user
DontShowWelcome Suppresses the splash screen on first launch
FailToolPath Path to a custom tool to use on password failure
ForceSignInWindow Keep sign in window open until the user has successfully authenticated
GetHelpType The type of Get Help menu, such as a URL, path or app
GetHelpOptions Options for Get Help

Hide Menu Settings

Key Description
HideAbout Hide the About window
HideChangePassword Hide the Change Password menu item
HideGetHelp Hide the Get Help menu
HideGetSoftware Hide the Get Software menu
HideHomeDirectory Hide the home directory menu item
HideLastUser Hide the last user menu item
HidePrefs Hide the Preferences menu item
HideResetPassword Hide the reset password menu item
HideShares Hide the shares menu
HideSignIn Hide the Sign in menu item
HideTickets Hide the Tickets menu item
HideQuit Hide the Quit menu item

Kerberos Ticket Settings

Key Description
KerberosGetTicketsAutomatically Automatically get Kerberos tickets
KerberosRealm Kerberos Realm of the user
KerberosShowCountdown Show the countdown of days remaining until the password expires
KerberosShowCountdownLimit Only show the countdown if it's less than a specified value

Keychain Settings

Key Description
KeychainItems Keychain items to update
KeychainItemsDebug Extra debugging while doing keychain update
KeychainItemsCreateSerial Serial for new keychain item creation
KeychainItemsInternet Internet keychain items

Password Check Settings

Key Description
LastCheck Last time the password was checked
LastStatus Result of the last password check
LastStatusLocal Result of last password check for the local account
LastStatusNetwork Result of last password check for the network account
LastSuccess Last time password was checked successfully
LastUser Last user name used to check the password
LocalPasswordIgnore Ignores the local password verification (this is used for testing)

Menu Title Text

Key Description
MenuAbout Title of the About menu
MenuActions Title of the Actions menu item
MenuChangePassword Title of the Change Password menu item
MenuGetHelp Title of the Get Help menu
MenuGetSoftware Title of the Get Software menu
MenuHomeDirectory Title of the Home share menu
MenuKerberosTickets Title of the Kerberos Tickets menu
MenuResetPassword Title of the reset password menu
MenuShares Title of the shares menu
MenuIconActive Image to use when the icon is active
MenuIconDark Image to use for the menu icon in dark mode
MenuIconColor Color to tint menu icon
MenuIconActiveColor Color to tint menu icon when active

Message Texts

Key Description
MessageBrowserPasswordChange Shown after the user closes the in-app browser after changing a password
MessageLocalSync Shown when the local password is not the same as the network password
MessageNetworkPasswordWrong Shown when the network password is wrong

Timer Settings

Key Description
TimerKerberosCheck Minutes between Kerberos ticket retrieval
TimerLocalCheck Minutes between local check
TimerNetworkCheck Minutes between network check

OpenID Connect Settings

Key Description
OIDCROPGID The Client ID of the ROPG app
OIDCClientSecret Client secret for ROPG operations
OIDCChangePasswordURL URL to the password change page in the IdP
OIDCLoginURL URL to sign in to your IdP
OIDCProvider IdP Provider
OIDCRedirectURI Redirect URI for ROPG workflow
OIDCResetPasswordURL URL to the password reset page in the IdP
OIDCSuccessCodes Array of codes that show success

User Settings

Key Description
UserCN Common name of the user from AD
UserEmail Email address of the IdP user
UserFirstName First name of the user
UserLastName Last name of the user
UserGroups Groups user is a member of from AD
UserHomeDirectory User's home directory from AD
UserPasswordExpire Expiration date of the user's password from AD
UserPasswordSet Date password was set from AD
UserPrincipal User principal from AD
UserShortName Short name of the IdP user
UserUPN UPN of the IdP user

Other Settings

Key Description
WindowAbout Title of the About window
WindowSignIn Title of the sign in window
NetworkCheckAutomatically Check network password automatically
SelfServicePath Path to the self service tool

Additional Information

For more information, see the Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide.

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