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Creating Images with Winclone for Deployment with Jamf Pro


This article explains how to use Winclone to create and package a Microsoft Windows image, and deploy it to Boot Camp partitions using Jamf Admin and Jamf Imaging.

Versions Affected

Jamf Pro 8.5 and later


The following components are required to create a Winclone image:

  • Winclone Pro 6 or later
  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • A BootCamp partition with a running version of Windows
  • Storage space for the Windows partition


  1. Install Windows 10 on the Boot Camp partition and prepare the base image for deployment. For instructions, see Preparing Windows for Deployment with Winclone Pro in Twocanoes's Knowledge Base library.
  2. Create a Winclone image of the Boot Camp partition. For instructions, see Save Boot Camp to a Winclone Image in Twocanoes's Knowledge Base library.
  3. After creating the image, use Winclone Pro to create a package to be deployed to Boot Camp partitions using Jamf Pro. For instructions, see Deploy Boot Camp as a Package in Twocanoes's Knowledge Base library.
  4. Once you have tested the package and validated that the Boot Camp partition was successfully created, you can add the package to Jamf Admin and deploy it to computers using Jamf Imaging. For more information, see Deploy Windows 10 Winclone Image with Jamf Pro/Casper in Twocanoes's Knowledge Base library.

Additional Information

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SOLVED Posted: by Keegans

Can some one explain this: Windows images can only be deployed to the second, third, or fourth partitions. If you want to create a "Windows-only" mac, you still need to create a small partition (at least 100 MB) in your configuration to be used as the first partition.

I have set this to be a 5 gb partition, but the imaging process fails on the first run post install script.

SOLVED Posted: by rcastorani

I think adding the following documentation to this KB article would help as well:

SOLVED Posted: by psd_martinb

Can Casper utilize images created with Winclone "Standard" ($40 license)? Or is the "Pro" ($250 license) absolutely needed?

SOLVED Posted: by tperfitt

Yes, you need the Pro version, as the standard version only covers 2 machines. Pro license covers up to 50 machines and makes it easy to add the tools as well as create packages. You get prime support and upgrades for a year as well.



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