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Imaging Computer Permission Requirements

Special permission consideration must be taken for JAMF Software Server (JSS) accounts when creating a user account to only image computers using the Casper Suite.

If the JSS login account that is used for imaging computers contains only the permission set in the Casper Imaging section, the computer will image as expected, but the computer will not be added to the JSS inventory.

The following privileges are required to both image a computer and add it to the JSS inventory:

Privileges Operations
JSS Objects Computer Enrollment Invitations Create, Read, Update, Delete
Computers Create, Read
Enrollment Profiles Create, Read, Update, Delete
JSS Actions Allow User to Enroll --
Enroll Computers and Mobile Devices --
Recon Add Computers Remotely --
Casper Imaging Use Casper Imaging --
Customize a Configuration --
PreStage Imaging and Autorun Imaging --

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SOLVED Posted: 10/27/14 at 2:04 PM by yellow

Does this apply to 9.6? The "Add Hardware" privs aren't there anymore.

SOLVED Posted: 6/21/17 at 7:47 PM by Jasonjia

This is helpful for enterprise management, thanks!!