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Finding the Name of Processes When Configuring Restricted Software


This article explains how to use Terminal to find the name of the process you want to create restricted software for.

Products Affected

Jamf Pro


To find the process name for the software you want to restrict, you must open the software on a computer that has the Terminal application.


Finding a Process Name Using Terminal

  1. Open the software you want to restrict.
  2. Open Terminal.
  3. Execute the following command:
    ps -acx

The process name is listed in the CMD column.

Additional Information

For more information about how to create a restricted software record, see the Restricted Software page in the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide.

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SOLVED Posted: by DVG

Minecraft seems to be a favorite among the youth, but when JavaApplicationStub (Minecraft launcher) is killed, it hoses one of our EOC browsers and Inspiration. Any ideas how to kill that and still enable the usage of the other pieces of software? TYVM!

SOLVED Posted: by snook

we have a similar problem with Opera (killed in labs due to torrent built in to it)

Opera process kills Adobe Extension manager 5.5

/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CS5.5/Adobe Extension Manager

Cause it contains Opera in the process name

SOLVED Posted: by jchandler

Would be nice if it was this easy. I'm trying to kill the java game, "Minecraft." Following the steps for the activity monitor above gives me a running process titled, "net.minecraft.LauncherFrame." Adding a restriction on that has no effect whatsoever on the game.


SOLVED Posted: by sswartz

If you remove the user's access to \~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft folder it seems to stop them

one method I have used through ARD on individual basis.

chmod go-rwx \~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft
chown localadmin \~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft


SOLVED Posted: by dvorakam

How can we remove permissions to the user application support folder? We can change it to read only but the user can just change it back to read and write without a password if they can find their way to the hidden Library folder. When we do get info, the minus sign to remove permissions for this user is greyed out and we can't take them out of it.


SOLVED Posted: by bryantdresher

I'm trying to restrict the install of 10.11 developer beta. The installer's process name is the same as the Yosemite installer. Any suggestions for making the restricted software entry specific to 10.11?

SOLVED Posted: by stephanpeterson

This post needs to be updated. At least on 10.12.6 Activity Monitor isn't really telling you the real process name. I discovered this while trying to restrict Sierra and High Sierra while also trying to prevent the loophole that's related to changing the name of the installer. For instance, Activity Monitor says that the High Sierra installer process name is "Install macOS High Sierra". However, when going the Terminal route and running "ps -acx" while using grep to filter for the Process ID (PID) I see that the process name is really "InstallAssistant".

Bottom line is that the process name as delivered via "ps -acx" is the truth and Activity Monitor should only be used to get the PID.

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

Might want to include a note in this KB, sometimes the restricted process name for an app like Thunderbird can be:

  • thunderbird
  • thunderbird-bin

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