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Patch Reporting Software Titles

The Jamf Software Server (JSS) includes more than 30 third-party macOS software titles that can be used for patch reporting and patch notifications. These third-party software titles represent software that is not available in the App Store.

Configuring Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM)

Some standardized iOS assessment apps support Autonomous Single App Mode. This article explains how to configure the app to use this feature.

Healthcare Listener Communication

The Healthcare Listener is a service that is hosted by the Infrastructure Manager and is available if your environment supports the use of the Healthcare Listener. This article explains the communication process of an environment with a Healthcare Listener.

Mise à jour du JSS sous Windows

Cet article fournit les conseils de préparation et les instructions étape par étape pour la mise à jour du JSS sous Windows.

Mise à jour du JSS dans un environnement de clusters ou en interconnexion

Si vous avez un environnement de clusters, il y a des considérations spéciales à prendre en compte lors de la mise à jour du JSS afin que le changement de schéma dans la base de données soit traité de façon adéquate.

Préparation à la mise à jour du JSS

Cet article explique les meilleures pratiques pour l'évaluation et la préparation à la mise à jour du JSS (Jamf Software Server).

Changing the Focus to a Different App Fails

This article provides a workaround for the issue that causes changes in focus to fail on student devices with iOS 9.3.2 or later.

Cannot Validate a Managed In-House App

This article discusses the situations in which an in-house app cannot be validated for a mobile device, preventing the app from opening on that device.

Configuring Smart Computer Groups and Advanced Computer Searches for Patch Reporting

This article explains how to configure smart computer groups and advanced computer searches to use for patch reporting.

Removing the Management Framework from Multiple Computers

This article explains how to remove the Jamf management framework from multiple computers.

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