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NTP Server for iPads

Is there a way to push out a new NTP server address to iPads?

Our ISP has blocked access to all NTP servers in an attempt to mitigate exploits in the NTP protocol (there excuse) and the only on I have access to is theirs.

I was looking around and could not find a way to push out a new server address...

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SOLVED Posted: by nevens

Knowing the contextual need for ntp on an iPad would be helpful. Are you developing time-sensitive applications? What you're describing, I believe, would require a client app on the iPad, if you're using strict NTP. It would require lots of check-ins over a period of time.

SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

I think they use, you can try & create a DNS entry pointing to another NTP.

But I verify, have a nose at your firewall logs for outbound UDP port 123 traffic from an iPad.

SOLVED Posted: by gachowski

Our iPad guys couldn't find anyway to set a preferred time server in iOS...


SOLVED Posted: by john_wetter

I agree with @bentoms, you will likely have the best luck just using internal DNS to make it work. @nevens, there are lots of good reasons to make sure NTP is working... First in a student 1:1 environment is just to keep the time right on the iPad. You'd be surprised how much chaos can happen just from a few minutes delta on the times of iPads in a classroom.

SOLVED Posted: by Damien

Similar to @bentoms we have created zones with an Host ( A ) record in each with no host just an IP address pointing to your internal NTP server for the following domains

We have been using this method successfully for a number of years now.

SOLVED Posted: by jarednichols

iOS uses and there isn't a way to change it on the device itself.

DNS redirection is likely your best bet until your ISP understands that it's not their job to filter your internet access.