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Re-Check Expiration on ADPassMon

@bentoms Hi Ben, wondering if you've ever run into a scenario of the "Re-Check Expiration" in ADPassMon needs to be manually executed to update the password expiration time? Is there anyway I can force a re-check with a casper policy and set it at a timed period, i.e. Check In?.

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SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

@Sachin_Parmar Have you seen the check interval?

SOLVED Posted: by Sachin_Parmar

@bentoms No I haven't I'll modify the plist now. Thanks.

Second question is there any way to brand the "Password Policy Screen", i.e. Company Logo as well as the texts?

Can I just say ADPassMon has changed my life!

SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

@Sachin_Parmar haha thanks.

You might be able to change the apps icon, that should change the windows icon.