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Revoke apps - device based assignments

We have about 80 iPads that we utilize for testing specific apps for students in need of communication tools. I love the device based assignment solution, however, I am not able to add this pool of iPads to a smart mobile device group to send/delete apps automatically due to the fact that each iPad is request is unique with its own set of apps.

Is there a way to revoke all apps from individual iPads without going into the app catalog and unassigning the iPad from each app it has been scoped to? It's proving to be a very tedious task.

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SOLVED Posted: by St0rMl0rD

@JenT it just comes down to having the iPads in a static group, and having the apps assigned to that static group. As soon as you'll take the iPad out of the static group, the apps will be removed.

SOLVED Posted: by ian.gray

@JenT did you end up putting static groups in place? I'm going through similar problems with our fleet of 300 iPads.



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