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Unlock Standard User's Screensaver as Admin Broken in 10.12

Posted: 9/23/16 at 10:01 AM by zinkotheclown

Has anyone noticed when you have the edited /etc/pam.d/screensaver file in a 10.12 Mac, pressing Command Shift Enter opens up the username/password fields to unlock a standard user's screensaver but you find that you are unable to type anything in the fields?

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Posted: 9/23/16 at 10:34 AM by franton

Technically speaking, that's better controlled from the authorisation database rather than fooling with the pam.d configuration files. I leave that kind of thing to Centrify ;)

But yeah look for the security authorisationdb commands to do this, works a lot better. (I'm on phone so can't look at present)

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Posted: 10/27/16 at 8:31 AM by carlo.anselmi

This used to work up to 10.11.6.

"With OS X Lion v10.7.3 and later, an admin user can can unlock another user's screen saver.
Unlocking a non-admin user's screen saver
Press Option-Return, then enter an administrative user's name and password."

Now in 10.12.1, if you try to unlock another user's screen saver (eg: network user) with Option-Return, you can't type into the name/psw fields and apparently get stuck there.
Is this a security feature? Am I missing something obvious?
Many thanks for your help!

Posted: 1/19/17 at 6:35 PM by true[robby]

Experiencing the same. Any keystroke entered is immediately backspaced.

Posted: 1/19/17 at 6:40 PM by true[robby]

Cross-referencing stackexchange

Posted: 1/23/17 at 4:22 AM by martinf

I hoped this may be fixed / go away in 10.12.2 but still experiencing the issue. Real pain for doing support, would love to hear if anyone has a work around or fix.

Posted: 1/23/17 at 2:13 PM by true[robby]

No fix in 10.12.3 released today.

Posted: 2/23/17 at 10:48 AM by maser

I can not say if this is addressed in the public beta of 10.12.4 b3. But you might try it there... ;-)

Posted: 2/23/17 at 6:58 PM by true[robby]

Very nice.

Posted: 3/28/17 at 6:06 PM by

This appears to be working in 10.12.4

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Posted: 3/28/17 at 6:10 PM by johnklimeck

Confirmed, working once again in 10.12.4

I know Robby is happy!