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Automate adding Printer code in Canon Driver

Hello All,

I am trying to find a way to automate adding a printer code to a Canon driver (various models). Currently I have to perform the following:

In Printers & Scanners > Select a printer > Select Options & Supplies > Select Utility > Open Printer Utility > Click check box by Use Department ID Management > enter Department ID.

Completing all of this prior to uploading the printer to Casper Admin doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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SOLVED Posted: by gregdeichler

Hello. Did you ever figure out a solution to this? We are currently trying to figure out the same thing.

SOLVED Posted: by cavs16

Bump. I've been trying to figure this out as well. Going through the GUI is a bit of a pain.

SOLVED Posted: by cavs16

From what I can tell it's stored in the printer ppd file under /etc/cups/ppd/ . No idea how to add or change it though without the gui.

SOLVED Posted: by philipwoods

Had to figure this our yesterday looking at the PPD that gets created at /etc/cups/ppd/

That file shows all of the configurable options, one of which is CNUseJobAccount/Department ID Management

We were setting up a Canon Imagerunner Advanced 6255 using the UFR II driver for Mac.

To setup the printer using self service we automatically installed the drivers.pkg via policy, then scoped a self service policy to a smart group who had the drivers installed using this command in a 'Files and Processes' payload:

lpadmin -p “$Printername” -E -v smb://$Windows_serverURL/$PrinterQueue -P "/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/$driver.ppd" -D "$PrinterQueue" -o auth-info-required=negotiate -o CNUseJobAccount=true

Just replace the $ variables with your own stuff and it should work a treat. The $driver.ppd we used for the Imagerunner Advanced 6255 was CNPZUIRA6255ZU.ppd.gz.

SOLVED Posted: by dgrisale

@philipwoods So from what I understand, you pushed the package via policy to a specific group, then setup the printer via self service with the payload given? Did you add your printers to jamf pro using ipp or smb? Sorry for the redundant questions.

Thanks, - Diego