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Please add Webex Productivity Tools to Patch titles in JSS

Posted: 3/20/17 at 1:41 PM by May

Is it just me or do you find yourself cursing at the Webex tools developers ?

The versioning is so inconsistent i can't use an Integer Extension Attribute to tell if the version is less than, I was removing the periods and adding a few zeros and that was working but with the latest 31.1.1 update that's out the window.

I want to try and avoid using the "Is Not" approach in the smart group otherwise i'll need to make sure the definition is updated as soon as a new version comes out
(otherwise if someone has a new version which "Is Not" the version defined in the Smart Group it will try and install the older version.)

How else are you dealing with Webex and it's random versioning ?

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Posted: 3/20/17 at 6:27 PM by bryantdresher

Cisco's versioning leaves much to be desired. As does the fact they are installing payloads in the user space, but the installation package requires admin rights… why?

One challenge I see with this is that some enterprises run their own on-prem WebEx system. If the JSS patching tools allow an enterprise to specify what their latest supported version is, then this becomes valuable. If the JSS is always pushing the latest, then Cisco WebEx may be ahead of where my enterprise is, and I don't control the WebEx system internally, so I can't make an upgrade happen.

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Posted: 3/21/17 at 8:32 AM by erin.miska

Hi @May, could you do us a favor and file this as a feature request so we can track the votes? Thanks!

Posted: 3/21/17 at 8:46 AM by May

Thanks @erin.miska just added it here

Posted: 3/21/17 at 8:54 AM by AVmcclint

I agree with @bryantdresher. At one point we asked our WebEx folks to purposely keep our hosted server behind several versions for some kind of compatibility reasons. This required us to stay several versions behind on the productivity tools. It wasn't until MS Office forced us to go to 64bit plugins that we had to cut the cord on the outdated compatibility reasons and move forward... but even then we weren't at the latest and greatest. I believe we have some kind of mandate to stay behind a version or two. Even if that wasn't a factor, the versioning Cisco uses is a complete mess. The version of the server, the version of the product, the version of the productivity Tools, the actual version of the productivity tools app, the version of the plugin... none of it makes any sense. But when has anything Cisco has ever done been easy to follow?