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Our Bad

We hear you and quickly realized the Freeware vs. Paid e-book does not reflect Jamf’s overall view of open-source tools and the open-source community. We believe in the power of "and," including open-source solutions and tools that help the tech community solve problems. We apologize for offending you, have removed the asset from publication, and thank you for your contributions to the community. We also appreciate your candid feedback on this issue and for helping make us better.

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SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 10:57 AM by CGundersen

Appreciated. While marketing needs to do their thing, I feel it was bad form. JAMF is a great crew, but plenty of things to address internally w/out poking at others.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 11:23 AM by howie_isaacks

I wasn't offended at all. I downloaded the e-book. You should post it again. If someone gets offended, that's their problem.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 11:24 AM by bentoms

@jake thanks fella!

As a proponent of "jamf and...", a member of JAMFs open source community.. & someone with a couple of projects in the spirit of "jamf and..." I was, not too happy.

But thanks for the quick response.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 12:01 PM by blackholemac

I wasn't really offended per se...about the only things I would change are as follows:

  1. Point out the Jamf Pro and... effect seriously. You folks have done some great things with open source tools and it's amazing to hear at JNUC how someone fills an important need in MacAdmin land with them. You guys provide a great toolbox and most of the tools I need to do my job, but it doesn't mean I'm not going shopping for highly specialized helper stuff or stuff that does things better. To use my hand tool metaphor some more...I may have a good socket wrench set as part of my toolkit, but I'm probably still going to find a cool new, power drill to make driving nuts onto bolts take less time. I'll probably still use my socket wrenches though when trying to get things just right.

  2. Go more on the offensive where possible against other paid solutions...your product/company does have very great things to call out that other vendors just don't have either now or at the moment. Point them out. I had supervisors wanting me to consider inTune right before renewal and quite honestly my research found it to be an inferior product for iOS/Mac management. This is the low-cost part of the white paper to consider instead of any perceived bashing of open source tools (which I know was not the intent, but was perceived to be so by some...we may have got inTune at a ridiculously low-cost but we found we'd get what we paid for and that's why we elected to stay with you.

That being said, you can't do number 2 without having your engineering team at full throttle always because your competitors will catch up. You can't afford to be the Apple of the very late 80s, early to mid 90s and rest on laurels.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 12:11 PM by CGundersen

If it wasn't for JAMF support (our rep and quite a few others on that team), we would likely be doing some shopping. Marketing, please sell that. They have been great in dealing w/ some internal "defects" in our org ... and their own PI's (QA folks, I'm looking at you:) Great vendor, just needs some tuning IMO.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 12:50 PM by m.donovan

I am of the mind that there is NO 100% flawless perfect solution out there. When computers and software get to that point, bad things will happen. Have you seen "The Matrix" people? ;-). Having said that Jamf Pro is an awesome tool that continues to get better and is made better by the open source community. More importantly however, it is the people at Jamf AND the people of Jamf Nation that have made me a firm believer in it.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 1:30 PM by blackholemac

Good reference to the matrix...I personally don't want "a perfect solution" because my family does enjoy eating.

That issue aside, The support and the community that comes with this product are what makes it .

If you're wanting commercial fodder get @Bram.Cohen, @bentoms, nd a few of the other more colorful characters I see at JNUC together in a realty show-type episode in full geeky mode and you'll have good fodder for marketing that engineers can appreciate.

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 2:08 PM by Kelly.Conrad

@blackholemac I also agree with your show idea! I know that @Bram.Cohen loves those kinds of shows

SOLVED Posted: 4/14/17 at 4:11 PM by bentoms

Would I need subtitles?

That usually ends badly & r-rated haha

SOLVED Posted: 4/15/17 at 12:16 AM by mrben

Anyone have a copy of the e-book?

SOLVED Posted: 4/15/17 at 12:54 AM by jon.leemon

@mrben I agree. I would still like a copy, apparently I was not quick enough on the draw. I dont even mind paying for it, though I think for customers it could be included, we are already paying quite a bit for "JAMF Pro".

SOLVED Posted: 4/15/17 at 7:59 AM by gskibum

What did I miss? eBook what? eBook where?

SOLVED Posted: 4/15/17 at 9:59 AM by mm2270

@gskibum Started on this thread. I don't necessarily feel Jamf should have pulled it, though I do get why some may have been a little put off by it. Still, I saw nothing "hostile" about it at all, as they have been accused of.

FWIW, I pulled down a copy of the e-book, but I'm not going to post it anywhere since Jamf pulled it. I am respecting the fact that they decided they didn't want it out there.

SOLVED Posted: 4/15/17 at 11:44 AM by Nix4Life

I agree with @bentoms @blackholemac and @mm2270.

I have been jamf "anding" since munki/reposado came out. This "anding" with jamf and imagr has helped me develop a quasi-dep solution for one of my clients .You can still find the pdf out there, but as mentioned, really didn't see anything hostile, maybe jamf could take a page from Coca-Cola ..Things go better with Jamf PRO

SOLVED Posted: 4/17/17 at 10:39 AM by daniel_ross

I'm with @gskibum and am scratching my head to what this is even all about...

SOLVED Posted: 4/17/17 at 11:23 AM by tnielsen

This is the first drama I've seen at Jamf nation. I wish you would have let it get a little more juicy before pulling the plug... :(

SOLVED Posted: 4/17/17 at 12:09 PM by Emmert

I read the document out of Google's cache and don't understand the fuss. It was just a sales pitch about why Jamf Pro is a better choice than having no MDM at all and trying to do everything yourself with open source solutions.

It's not like they showed a protester handing a can of Jamf Pro to a policeman and solving all the world's social problems.

SOLVED Posted: 4/17/17 at 12:32 PM by blackholemac

In general it's drama I would've preferred not to have had, when you leave the technology realm and go into marketing it's almost be expected. in the end jamf was smart to end this. I personally do not want to put any open source vendors out. I still stand by my point though that you have to have a rock solid foundation such as JAMF Pro to build on or it's very possible your toolbox will break under you.

Before jamf Pro we used workgroup manager/MCX/OD+AD/NetRestore/Xserve/ARD and augmented that with a liberal helping of in house deployment shell scripts. it was not pretty maintains that. Other than AD, how often do we still talk of most of these technologies today? My old toolbox was ready to fall apart.

It actually did at for a while but luckily the kind folks that made DeployStudio came along and kept me going until we got Jamf Pro. NetRestore disappeared because Mike Bombich decided to move on to other projects was what I was told.

I'm all for good tools however they are sourced, but I like my foundation to be strong and have staying power.

I don't want to offend anyone with my views in general, so if I did, I'm sorry but figured it would be worth sharing my story.

SOLVED Posted: 4/17/17 at 12:52 PM by seann

@Emmert I think the issue was how Jamf portrayed open source solutions as being inadequate when in fact a lot of these tools are needed to fill the gaps in Jamf's suites.

SOLVED Posted: 4/18/17 at 11:47 AM by JustDeWon

@LSinNY ... Or.... Or... take a page from the Kardashians book.. "Things go better with Pepsi".. ok, bye. lol

SOLVED Posted: 4/18/17 at 11:47 AM by JustDeWon


SOLVED Posted: 4/18/17 at 12:36 PM by blackholemac

I say get a jamf or @deanhager to do a parody of the Kardashians...that'll sell any sort of widget.

SOLVED Posted: 4/20/17 at 8:09 AM by Emmert


I take it this means the "The Real Cost of Free Device Management" webinar has been cancelled?