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Outlook 2016 Version 15.34.17041901 (Office Insider Fast) Crashes

This morning started having issues with Outlook constantly crashing. For those of you that are office insider fast I would avoid updating. Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a fix.

[](link URL)

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SOLVED Posted: by

I mean, it is an Insider Fast release :P

SOLVED Posted: by hjcao

It crashed once for me, rebooted - no issues since.

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

Um...yea...the #microsoft-office Slack channel is the best place to discuss pre-releases.

SOLVED Posted: by asegura Yessir I been part of the Office Insider Fast and this is the first time I had outlook crash on me. Just wanted to inform the community to not update so they dont suffer the same fate. For now I'm using OWA until they come out with a fix. Good times I tell you...

SOLVED Posted: by isradame

@asegura Hi, I was having the same issue but with version 15.34 (170411). It started today in the morning. Here is a Microsoft forum Outlook Mac 15.34 (170411) Started Crashing Today.
A minute ago I got the prompt of a new update (Version 15.34.170419), I installed the update and it started to work again.

SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

Should be fixed now.

Check #microsoft-office on Slack