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Unable to connect to Casper Imaging - ensure your JSS version is 5.0 or later

Hi Jamf Team,
I have enrolled our device using webenrollment and while launching casper imaging getting following error. we have cloud version subscribed on our company.

Am able to connect to JSS web console. Imaging and Admin shortcut throwing following errors.

Casper Imaging

Casper Admin

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SOLVED Posted: 4/20/17 at 7:45 PM by donmontalvo


(Just kidding, I don't have anything)

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SOLVED Posted: 4/21/17 at 10:20 AM by

Are your Casper Suite applications the same version as your JSS?

Here is another post with similar issues:

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SOLVED Posted: 4/21/17 at 12:43 PM by venki284

Both versions are same, Here are screenshots. I tried reinstalling removing all preferences files in ~/Library/Preferences and /Library but of no use. same error repeats...

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SOLVED Posted: 4/22/17 at 4:31 AM by bentoms

@venki284 sounds like a network issue, with something in between the JSS & apps messing with the connection.