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Multiple iOS Exchange Mail Profiles ?

Hello, newbie to the Jamf kingdom here. Not my first rodeo in the mobile or MDM world though...

I need some opinions on what might be the best way to solve an Exchange email policy conundrum. The situation is as follows:

iOS device deployment for a good number of physical sites. Each site will have varying numbers of devices depending on the staffing levels/groups and location size. Devices are shared and will not be assigned to individual users, but rather different groups at each site. Client wishes to have several shared group email accounts on each device that belong to each particular site...i.e. Site 1 Groups A and B use device #1; Site 2 Groups B and C use device #2 at their location, etc. It's not as simple as group A always gets device #1, groups B&C always #2 at each site, but we do have 4 distinct sharing models and each site will adhere to one model.

We found a way to accomplish what we need by manually editing the attributes in the user-information section in an obscure manner - i.e. site field might have the site number, building might list group A's email, user id might group B's name, etc. When put together in an email profile using variables, we are able to have multiple iOS exchange profiles for a particular sharing-model's payload and apply it to all devices following that sharing model. Originally we thought we could add some custom attributes with each group's name, but later found out these can't be used as variables in the mail profile. I don't believe this solution is very user-friendly and of course isn't intended for this purpose.

Essentially if I don't find a solution for this it seems having a managed mail configuration could only be accomplished by either a.) creating an email configuration profile for each device or b.) not pushing any email profiles at all and setup email accounts up on every device manually. Looking for opinions.


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