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Mac password resets to AD not working

Hi All,

Has anyone seen the case when a user tries to reset their Active Directory password through system preferences and have it return the error that the password doesn't meet complexity requirements? The passwords entered meet the complexity requirements...

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SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 7:47 AM by bentoms

@robiso22 Might fall under a "cannot change in 24hours" rule?

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SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 9:36 AM by JustDeWon

The only time I seen it, is if it doesn't meet the password length, it's been used before, or the complexity requires a special character. @robiso22 .. It's using the rules currently set for AD

SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 10:41 AM by kowsar.ahmed

Seen it a few times and it was because the machine fell off the domain. Perhaps look into using Apple Enterprise Connect instead? It forces the keychain to stay in Sync too. Speak to your Apple Business rep...

SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 3:41 PM by alexjdale

My guess is the cooldown. A user here can't change their password within 3 days of the last change. It gives the same complexity message, which is misleading.

SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 6:06 PM by pchen_plaid

Is the clock skewed?

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SOLVED Posted: 7/18/17 at 2:41 AM by rich.thomas

I used to get this regularly, it was just caused but the machine dropping off the domain. It wouldn't show that it had dropped off the domain, but all the symptoms were there and a re-bind made the issues go away.