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MacOS Sierra 12.5 - Airdrop unable to see iphones

I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue. We have casper set up to thin image our macs, so it just lays our config over the top of the existing OS, and somewhere in there Airdrop seems to lose the ability to see iphones. Both the iphone and the mac are set to allow Everyone to share, I've tested disabling the app firewall, and made sure that it wasn't in "Block everything" mode before that, I made sure that we have a setting in Casper to enable Airdrop sharing, and the iphone can find the MAC, but not the other way around.

We use Sophos Antivirus, but that's on all our macs, and this only seems to be happening in our thin-images 12.5 Macs.

I'm really at a loss as to where I should even start looking, log-wise etc. anyone seeing this or have any ideas?

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SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 8:53 AM by davidacland

I would look at config profiles as the most likely culprit. I'd test by removing the MDM profile (and other profiles) from the Mac and restarting.

There are a few profiles in the JSS that set "hidden" settings that aren't visible in the GUI.

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SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 11:37 AM by nullthegrey

Thanks for your reply!

I excluded one of the test machines from all config profiles and rebooted twice, still not seeing iphones from the mac unfortunately. As for the MDM profile, I see the option to remove MDM profile under Management when I pull up the computer, but it says I will have to re-enroll the device to return it to its original state. Does this basically remove the computer from being managed by Casper?

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SOLVED Posted: 7/17/17 at 11:49 AM by davidacland

Removing the MDM profile removes the configuration profile part of management from the Mac.

If you are getting a message saying it needs to be enrolled, it sounds like a custom setting in the JSS that someone has configured.

Do you have any way to enroll a Mac and test that Airdrop still works (i.e. no config profiles, no policies, just plain enrollment)?

If it is a policy that is causing the issue, it may be harder to track down due to the scope of things that policies can do.