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Apple TV 4K enrolment (lack of USB)

The yesterday announced Apple TV 4K has no USB-C connector on the back:
Apple TV 4K specs

As we have no DEP, we have to use Apple Configurator to enrol the Apple TVs into the JSS.

Does anyone know if and how we can enrol the Apple TV 4K without DEP?

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SOLVED Posted: 9/13/17 at 4:53 AM by H3144-IT

perhaps it gets time to start DEP + VPP Enrolment for you, unfortunately none of the existing Devices can be enrolled post sale into DEP - at least according to my Apple Representative...

But hey are you not starting to replace all current AppleTVs with new 4k Models anyway snicker

SOLVED Posted: 9/13/17 at 5:25 AM by AndreasRumpl

Yes, you are right that DEP is the way to go, BUT DEP is only available in 34 countries worldwide -.-

SOLVED Posted: 9/13/17 at 5:38 AM by H3144-IT

I have created a Question in the Developer Forum about the Challenge

Perhaps that will provide some Feedback?

SOLVED Posted: 9/13/17 at 5:42 AM by AndreasRumpl

Awesome - thx!! :)

SOLVED Posted: 9/13/17 at 5:47 AM by H3144-IT

I assume, that there will be a Bridging Mode for AppleTV4k via the Gigabit Network Port (!)
alongside with a new Version of Apple Configurator - the later is publicly being suggested to push iOS Apps to Devices, now that iTunes no longer offers the iOS App Store Part.

SOLVED Posted: 9/20/17 at 5:39 AM by AndreasRumpl

Apple Configurator 2.5 was just released.

What's New in Version 2.5
• Provisionally add devices to Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
• Skip Tap to Setup and Keyboard Chooser panes in iOS Setup Assistant • Skip Sign in to TV Provider pane in tvOS Setup Assistant
• Optionally preserve data plan when erasing device
• New profile payloads and restrictions for iOS including Restrict VPN Creation, AirPrint Security, DNS Proxy, and Managed class behavior on supervised student devices for Classroom
• New tvOS payload for AirPlay Incoming Security
Support for configuring tvOS devices running tvOS 11 on the local network subnet

So i guess this will circumvent the issue of the lacking USB port. As soon as the new ATVs arrive, i can test it and update this post or if someone else manages to get his/her hands on a new ATV and enrolls it, it would be nice to update this post with his/her findings. THX

SOLVED Posted: 10/4/17 at 4:15 AM by AndreasRumpl

Here is the official statement of Apple:

-HighSierra and
-Configurator 2.5 needed and the devices need to be
-on the same network subnet

Apple Support

SOLVED Posted: 10/19/17 at 6:54 PM by PAC

Watch out with Apple Configurator 2.5

we have a mix of Apple TV 3 / 4.

AC 2.5 will not work with Apple TV 3 any more.


SOLVED Posted: 10/19/17 at 8:35 PM by mickgrant
unfortunately none of the existing Devices can be enrolled post sale into DEP - at least according to my Apple Representative...

this isn't true at all, as long as the device was purchased directly from apple or an authorised reseller after march 1, 2011 its elagable to be put into DEP

SOLVED Posted: 12/20/17 at 7:40 PM by gachowski

Does anybody have the 4KTV and Configurator working... I have just spent a few hours.. can't get the TV to show in Paired Devices app.


SOLVED Posted: 1/2/18 at 9:17 AM by zcrself

I have 4KTV(TVOS 11) and APPLE configurator 2.6.1 paired successfully. (Xcode9) on Macos 10.13
but I can't install my profile on my apple tv 4k.
Because my profile is not signed and my apple tv 4k is unsupervised

SOLVED Posted: 1/2/18 at 11:34 AM by gdavis

Am I understanding correctly that there is no equivalent of self-enrollment for Apple TVs? It's DEP or bust?

SOLVED Posted: 1/3/18 at 7:51 AM by BB_CC

I got the same issue as zcrself. Any Ideas?

SOLVED Posted: 1/3/18 at 9:32 AM by cleverleys

Hi guys,

Correct me if I am wrong, but even if the Apple TVs end up enrolling into MDM, you can only use it for inventory purposes - you can't remotely deploy apps etc over the air?

SOLVED Posted: 1/3/18 at 8:59 PM by gachowski

@BB_CC and @zcrself

I think you have to select the prepare button and set up the config on the Apple TV... after that I was able to add profiles..


SOLVED Posted: 1/9/18 at 8:47 AM by jdhainley

This does pose a challenging task. I just received two yesterday. I cannot install the .mobileconfig for our wirless profile. I can pair them with my MacBook, but all I can do is AirPlay. I anxiously await a solution!

SOLVED Posted: 1/31/18 at 4:07 AM by philipwoods

You can't currently deploy App Store apps to Apple TV, but you can use Jamf Pro to deploy in house apps.

The Configurator over ethernet method of preparation is great. Really easy way of getting devices in to DEP for OTA enrolment in to Jamf.

I had an issue at first, but that was because Apple TV's were running an older version of tvOS. Updated them to latest with a restore and update, then devices were visible in the 'Paired Devices' menu option in Configurator.