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Policy with DockItems does not work after first login of an AD user

Hi everyone,

we are using JSS 9.100.0. I have the problem that we have a lot of users login in over AD on our MacBooks. After a AD User login a policy runs that sets a couple of Dock Items. The policy shows as complete in JSS and even I see the message that I setup in JSS that the policy has executed. But the Dock does not change. After a second Login the policy runs again and the dock is updated, but not on the first login. Even when I open Selfservice after the first login and run the policy manual, the dock items change like they should be. I guess, that maybe the User folder creation is not finished before the policy runs, thats properly the reason for working on the second login and manually. How can I make the policy run later, or maybe you guys know a different way to do it.

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SOLVED Posted: by aporlebeke

@stefanmcnett We've had a number of issues with policies not triggering at login. Not sure why.

To get around this, we've deployed outset to our machines. This allows to run scripts or even install profiles and software packages either at computer startup or user login, only once or every time, without needing to involve the JSS.

Check it out.

SOLVED Posted: by cbrewer

Dock changes to be processed before the user environment starts to load. To accomplish this, you need "Perform login hook actions in background" turned off in your JSS. This will make it so login scripts finish running before the user environment starts loading.