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Install AWS CLI through Jamf

Hi, I'm looking to make a policy that will install AWS CLI, and have been running into a few problems. I originally tried via pip, but ran into permissions issues during the execution.

I then tried via brew, however I am running into a roadblock there. Currently, I am able to successfully get brew installed via a script I found here. I then created another policy with the command 'brew install awsci', configured under files and processors-> execute comand, but get the response 'brew not found'.

I accounted this to the command being run as root instead of the user, so I then tried to create a script (attached below) that would run as the current user. Unfortunately, it returned with: 'Script result: bash: brew: command not found'

I am able to manually enter the command 'brew install awscli' from the logged in user via terminal, so I know that works...any thoughts on how to get this working completely via jamf?

Thanks in advance

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SOLVED Posted: by Asnyder

You might want to setup an if/then to make sure homebrew is installed and if not then install it and then install awscli. There could be something else causing it to throw that error but I would double check all endpoints have it installed. If you know it's installed try adding the path to the command. I think it would look like "/usr/local/bin/brew install awscli".

SOLVED Posted: by stevewood

@discounteggroll as @Asnyder pointed out at the end, you probably need to call the full path to the brew binary. You can probably use which or do a find to figure out where the brew binary is located and then use that path in your script:

which brew


sudo find / -name "brew" -print

SOLVED Posted: by discounteggroll

Thanks you two, I modified the script to add the path, and it now works as expected.

SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

There's also some AutoPkg recipes for this title, with some EA's that might help: