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User based printers

Does anyone know if there is a way to install a printer for a single user? Right now we are using the lpadmin command line in a script but that just adds the printer for all users on the computer. Printer policies also add printers for all users. The goal is to have a policy that is limited to a user group and printers are installed for that user and no one else that logs onto the computer. We have a lot of mixed use computers and certain printers and copiers need to have limited access to them. For instance, if a staff member uses a student computer they should get a staff printer while a student user should not even see that printer as an option.

MCX on WGM could do this so it is possible. If anyone is aware of a command line that can install a printer for just the current user that is logged on that would work as well. Then I can deploy it as a script at login for users.

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SOLVED Posted: by Nix4Life

@jhle1 have you tried mcxtoprofile? since you may already have the files why not convert them.
You might also be able to do this with login/logout policies scoped to a "teachers" group and lasltly have you looked at self-service


SOLVED Posted: by scottlep

You should be able to control who can or cannot see/use the printer in the lpadmin command you are using to deploy the printer. I think the only way to hide the printer from other users is to add them to the deny:user-list, but it might also work the other way where only the user you specify as allowed can see it.....but admins will always see it. Not sure if this can be done by groups since I have never tried that way.

lpadmin -p printer-name -u allow:user-list
lpadmin -p printer-name -u deny:user-list

Can also be set from within the CUPS interface that be accessed from a browser at http://localhost:631 on the Mac where you already configured the printer.

Hope that helps.