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SPSS 25 Packaging

I'm trying to package SPSS 25 for my users, based on the information that was posted on the SPSS 24 Deployment thread that I found, while also utilizing @vmiller 's Github Postinstall script (after changing the version, of course).

I did notice in the SPSS 25 contents folder that there is no contents/plugins folder and thus no JRE built-in, so the license script fails since the JRE doesn't exist. So I'm essentially back to square one, SPSS 25 installs, but is not licensed.

Has anyone tried to license SPSS 25 recently and have any suggestions on how to get it to license? TIA.

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SOLVED Posted: by Look

I have always had the OS X Legacy Java included in the SPSS policy, it has never worked for me with any version without it...
If there is a scenario where this is not needed I'd like to know it as I believe this is the last Application we have floating around that needs it.

SOLVED Posted: by dcgagne

With SPSS 24 I found that including the latest Java JDK fixed the dependency without needing to use the legacy installer (and thus making our compliance people happy).

I have no idea if this will apply to 25 as I'm just find out, as of this thread, that it exists!

SOLVED Posted: by msmith80

It does work in 25. My policy lays down the JDK first, places the installer in tmp, and then I run an execute command at the end to install it. Seems to work fine.

SOLVED Posted: by DishevldPeasant

I gather this deployment is still dependent on the alternative installer.bin file? I ask because I am working to get this packaged up as well.

SOLVED Posted: by chris.hansen

Be sure to use the dmgs that say "silent"