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DEP Enrollment 802.1x

Without JAMF implementing the Enrollment Optimization to make DEP enrollments work reliably on WiFi, I'm testing doing the enrollments on ethernet. It works great because it's never losing an internet connection, unlike on WiFi, so the policies set to run at "enrollmentComplete" never fail to run. The problem I'm having, and I'm not savvy with certs at all, is that the 802.1x wifi authentication isn't working after the user gets to the desktop. The WiFi keeps trying to authenticate and doesn't. The easiest way to fix it is remove our SSID from the preferred list of networks, click "Connect" and it prompts for their username and password.

A couple things to note. These are not bound to AD. We are pushing out a G2 and L1K cert. Using PEAP. The WiFi and Certs config profile are installed at the computer level.

Any direction would be great. Thanks!

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SOLVED Posted: 9/14/17 at 10:28 AM by nvandam

I think I've solved it, with the help of this post.