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VPP Mobile Device Apps not showing in the list

Hey there

We have VPP licenses purchased for some iOS apps but for some reason the apps are not showing in the Mobile Device Apps list. However if I check the content tab of the (only) VPP account the licenses are there

Any ideas?


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SOLVED Posted: by anickless

What I do in your situation is to add then via the JSS.

In the mobile device app section I click on the '+' symbol (New) then through that I "Add" the app I bought.

This talks with the iTunes and VPP store so it kind of "Pulls" the app down from Apple rather than a "Push" which if you're using VPP store you are doing.

SOLVED Posted: by martenblank

What anickless is proposing is working! When I recall these bugs in JAMF I use to switch from Firefox to Chrome-browser and add these apps manually.