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New Xerox Printer drivers 3.123.0

Is any else have issues with deploying Printer Def for the new Xerox driver Version 3.123.0?
Deployment seem to work just fine but after you print to the printer the first time the driver displays out of paper. Yet if I create the printer manually it works fine.

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SOLVED Posted: by bpavlov

How are you adding the printer?

SOLVED Posted: by alexjdale

We just deployed those drivers and haven't had any issues. I was adding the printers via script using lpadmin. I'd also tried using Casper printer policies but I prefer lpadmin so I can configure the queues for kerberos.

SOLVED Posted: by H3144-IT

I wonder, which version is newer?

From the Xerox Website: Date: May 4, 2017
Version: 3.123.0(1865)

or from Apple:
Xerox Printer Drivers v4.1 OS X
Post Date: Aug 30, 2016

SOLVED Posted: by Josh.A

I've seen this recently with Konica drivers also.

Swapping to LPD queue sorted for me. I'd even gone as fat as turning off all SNMP broadcasts on the printers them selves but nothing worked till changing the queue!

Give that a go and see what happens.

SOLVED Posted: by frankwickham

I am already using LPD Queue.

SOLVED Posted: by frankwickham

I am using the Xerox 3.123.0